Harleigh Maureen Cooper (harleycooper) wrote,
Harleigh Maureen Cooper

Terrible Consequences

I am having the best sem break so far. Unfortunately I made the big stupedous mistake of leaving my documents in my roommate's laptop so I can't update anything else but "I'm a PERVERT." I am almost done with several chapters for "Appetite for Enigma" and "Her God is my Enemy" and now I have to convince my conscience not to shoot itself. I am really enjoying focusing on my smut for awhile. Chapter Two for both "Our Choice of Wardrobe" and "A Little More Would Do" is more than procrastination. I am also having second thoughts on pursuing "World of Sights and Sounds" and hell, I am done with "Angelica" but as I have stated before, I was stupid to leave my files on the dormitory. By some miracle of God I hope I will survive the crisis.

I really hate Takada Kiyomi but I am having fun with "We're all MAD here." "Dirty Little Whore" has finally said its goodbye. I think in the meantime I will concentrate on L/Misa and think of another formula for "Vengeance Paid."

My innate love for Ally Mcbeal and John Cage pairing is clouding over my L/Misa. I think L/Misa is a good pairing. I like their romance although non-existent in canon. Yeah, I'll concentrate more on them.

And I want to welcome Condolezza Ribeiro!

UPDATES to follow:

Appetite for Enigma- Chapter 23 (Pablito Mendez and Leonard Telesco POV)
Her God is my Enemy- Chapter 5 (Conquered by Love)
Angelica- Chaper 1 (Computer games later)
Our Choice of Wardrobe- Chapter Two (Damned Elevator buttons)
We're all MAD here- Chapter Three (White Rabbit)
A Little More Would do- Chapter Two (Expensive Taste)

Tags: a little more would do, appetite for enigma, death note fandom, dirty little whore, her god is my enemy, our choice of wardrobe, personal notes, updates, vengeance paid, we're all mad here, world of sights and sounds
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