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14 April 2008 @ 12:38 am
Ideas for Sweeney Todd Fandom  
I try to examine the extremities of my mental stamina. Hence, more fandom work. My love for Death Note has never left my happy place but expanding horizons can be very productive. And the notorious Toddett pairing just shakes me to my core like a wet piece of salami with its juices squeezed from my mind grapes that I know doesn't even make sense. The pairing reminds me of LightMisa...in so many terrifying ways they seem to be too identical:

1) Sweeney Todd and Light Yagami are killers. They attach a moral code to what they do. Sweeney takes revenge for his wronged old persona Benjamin Barker and Light, well, he's the 'justice crusader' Kira.

2) Misa and Mrs. Lovett are extremely devoted to these men who will never return their affections. They became accomplices to horrible crimes out of love for these men.

3) The sexual tension + one-sided attraction = manipulation. I think both Misa and Mrs. Lovett are willing to be used and corrupted but they have their own share of crimes to keep these men needing their assistance. Light and Sweeney feel strongly for their goals and attach their whole dignity to objects (the razors, the Death Note) but seem to have some amount of twisted concern regarding their female accomplices, but never romantic.

Those are my thoughts and it would be easier to write a decent ST fanfic if I keep Light and Misa in my mind and replay the song "My Friends" over and over. To those who have any idea what I'm babbling about, any thoughts? Here is my first draft:

Mrs. Lovett was no fraud but she certainly felt like one when she’s around him. It’s too difficult to refuse the need to feel adequate if she ever did something right in his eyes. That overpowering need was the reason why she bakes what he kills. It was the only driving factor in this superficial and oddly enduring relationship. She fancies him greatly. And what is she to him, if not his pet and an accomplice to his crimes? His landlady, like fifteen years ago when he was happy with his perfect wife and daughter? It’s unfair that she only gets to have him when he’s now subhuman. It’s unfair that the only way she could form connectedness with him was when he’s already detached. It’s unfair.

Her husband left her and died. Her meat shop is a failure. She’s childless and suddenly like a dream come true, he appears and surfaces as this Sweeney Todd who claims that he will never rest until he had his revenge with the man who raped his wife and kidnapped his daughter. Mrs. Lovett wanted Benjamin Barker to walk in her shop and console him to accept that the past is just that and then they could be married and have another future together. But this Sweeney Todd, this breathing corpse, was the one who trespassed her life and took her hostage. This was the man she swore to live with by the sea with her flannels and pastries.  No Barker. It’s Todd now.

“Brought you some breakfast, dear,” Mrs. Lovett climbed up his barber shop with a nice warm meal and he didn’t even bother acknowledging her. How fairly accustomed she was to all of this.

“Mr. T, can I ask you a question?”

“What?” There it was again, his rude tone. All these weeks of being together, establishing an alliance and he still doesn’t appreciate her.

“What did your Lucy look like?” It was a dreadful question for the both of them, one that holds truths and traps.

“She had yellow hair.”

Mrs. Lovett didn’t smile even though she knew this could be easier if she played him right. “Can’t really remember, can you?”

She deliberated walking closer to him. She was always afraid he might just threaten her with his razor again. Benjamin Barker wouldn’t be so violent. This man, however, is lusting for blood and justice. Mrs. Lovett took precautions not to arouse his demon. She stepped closer.

“You got to leave this all behind you now. She’s gone. Life is for the alive, my dear,” she soothed, treading more carefully with her next words. “We could have a life, us two. Maybe not like I dreamed, maybe not like you remember. But we could get by…”

Then he looked at her, eyes brimming with the same fury but there it is, the certain calmness, like he’s emerging from the pools of his vengeance for once. His eyes showed reluctance, his body language stiff. He looked at her and not just through her. Mrs. Lovett’s gaze was full of a foolish hope, burning with it. It was hope she knew will be rejected over and over again. She didn’t care. She caught a glimpse of Benjamin just now. What she would give to embrace him.

He didn’t reply to her musings, never giving her the satisfaction. He just turned away and continued staring outside the window, like what he was doing before she came in.

Then before she could go back to her kitchen, she heard him say, “where are my darn razors?”

Those things again. She hated those things. They kept him away. They made him a monster. And to cherish and call them his friends? Mrs. Lovett made a motion to grab the razor on the table and he saw it. He glared at her.

“Hand it back, pet.”

“No, love.” Mrs. Lovett didn’t know where the logic in all of this is. “Not unless you stuff yourself with my pie. I made it special for you.”

Sweeney Todd, yes it has to be him, slapped her. It was hard and her face got thrown back painfully. She gasped and fought the tears. She held her cheek as she handed him back the razor. He didn’t mind taking it from her. She looked into his eyes and saw the monster again. She didn’t move.

With another razor, he took her by the neck, like when you take hold of a defenseless puppy, and threw her against the wall. It was his sick way to frighten her and it works most of the time. Sometimes when he goes like this, she pretends it’s foreplay. She gets aroused. He sees it. He knows it. In a way, this is how they screw each other. He would press the knife in the delicate flesh of her throat, imagining to rip the life out of her into shreds and he would look into her eyes while doing this. She would look back unwillingly. He would then bury the sharp object like it was his manhood, like he is making love to her while killing her. She would anticipate the slash, like a thrust in the middle of intercourse, and he wouldn’t give it to her in the end. He would just leave a mark, a shallow wound, some blood, enough to keep her wanting him more. It works.

Sweeney Todd is incapable of making love to her. But the way it's even close to that is unbearable and destructive and she loves every second of it. She enjoys the abuse, the razor in her throat and his eyes reflecting his disease, his own need to kill, she enjoys it. 

He stops the game and goes back to his dark corner again. Mrs. Lovett tried to breathe. The bleeding was there again and the ache wasn't the worst part. It wasn't that at all. He finished hurting her just when he realized she was asking for it. And he wouldn't give it to her. That hurts, ironically.

“You need to eat your pie, Mr. T.”

“Leave me.”

Mrs. Lovett stood up and glanced back at him. “If you need—”

“Yes, yes, anything you say.” He abruptly cuts her off and swings his razor proudly in the sunlight, his vision murky with greed.

She closed the door and went back to her kitchen. He knew. That cocky bastard knew. Mrs. Lovett can’t bring herself to dignify what she’s doing for the sake of preserving him for herself. She couldn’t possibly want to be with this man yet every fiber, every sinewy of her being screams for him, like a joint, and this isn’t Benjamin Barker.

Not Barker. It’s Todd now...just him.

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viola_canina on April 14th, 2008 02:19 pm (UTC)
I don't know much about Sweeney Todd (only the basic premise), but this is really lovely, and the similarities between Light & Misa and Sweeney & Lovett sound interesting. ^_^ I really need to watch some version of Sweeney Todd...
Harleigh Maureen Cooper: sweeney zaps!harleycooper on April 15th, 2008 01:01 am (UTC)
I strongly recommend the latest adaptation of Tim Burton. Johnny Depp and Helena B. Carter portrayed the LightMisa complex to its finest. And yes, the similiraties are just so disturbing. I really like LightMisa in a way I like TeruTakada.
Nana Bananaspeaky_bean on April 17th, 2008 01:58 pm (UTC)
That was fantastic! You got the characters down perfectly, something I'm quite impressed by--it's not like their motives aren't obvious, but they still don't strike me as easy people to write about. I like how you shed some light on Mrs. Lovett's infatuation with him--her feelings for him made a lot of sense here, and there were points during the movie where I just wanted to slap some sense into her. This worked. It really did. I loved the part about the knife being compared to his manhood--that was kind of amusing, but it made sense, and the rest of that passage was incredibly creepy. So, great job! ♥
Harleigh Maureen Cooper: sweeney zaps!harleycooper on April 18th, 2008 03:09 am (UTC)
Thank you. I'm obssess with Toddett these days, probably because I watched too many remarkable fan-made music videos about them. The whole concept of Sweeney Todd is chilling and morbid just like Death Note and Mrs. Lovett reminds me of both Misa and Kiyomi, I think. She's in love with a man that she has a wrong concept about but at the same time was even rational to know that what she is doing is probably extreme but does it anyway, out of love. I plan to write on Tobett as well. The adoptive mommy-child in labor concept also gets to me. I plan to use "Not while I'm around" song as a starting point.

Any suggestions on both Toddett and Tobett?