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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
08 March 2007 @ 12:49 am
I wasn't really sure why I made an account in fanfiction but it was really worth it! My friend suggested it to me and I kind of hesitated at first because my art is personal and I don't want to expose myself. I decided to choose "DEATH NOTE" category but since I still like JIGOKU SHOUJO, I made them as a crossover. I was actually just experimenting but sooner reviewes reacted it to it well and complimented me with my unique plot and writing style. The next thing you know, I couldn't stop writing.

This is basically the storyline of my first fanfiction work. Since it is a crossover novel between two of the most morbid animes created, I have to twist and remove some details to complete the plot. There are a lot of major changes in the Death Note story so I could fit it into the Jigoku Shoujo realm. Plus, I have to thrown in a series of OCs. For those who don't know fanfiction, there are two kinds of characters: the Original Character or the author's made-up dummy and the canon characters who are already part of the fiction database you are participating in. In other words, the canon characters are Enma Ai, Light Yagami, L etc. And mine are the OCs. So there it is, definition of terms. Now before I bore you, I will proceed to the storyline.

I have to keep improving on this craft though. Procrastination is a crime. I will keep updating on how the story is being crafted, not to worry!
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