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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
17 March 2007 @ 01:05 am
I am now ten chapters fan-freaking tastic! Let me just say this wouldn't be possible without the outpouring and supporting reviews of my readers. I had a great time despite the apparent depressing state of this story that concentrates on brutal justice and painful retribution. The OCs of mine are getting better and the drama is being written well by yours truly. 

Now Chapter Nine and Ten are quite the drawback from the story. NIne is a POV of the rape victim Kasumi, Akira Yamanagi's daughter. I think she is an essential element to the story and the rape scene is acceptable, you be the judge of that though. Ten is probably my favorite since it concentrated on L's childhood. Now remember Naomi Misora? Yes, the unfortunate beautiful FBI agent who got killed by Kira? Well, she is part of L's childhood in Chapter Ten. It was amazing how the fanbase agress that L and Naomi are a perfect match for a couple. I also agree on that although in the actual anime and manga, they never really saw each other. It is stated though that they worked together in a high profile case long ago. So that is the point of my chapter in this story. I like to explore the possibility of a deeper relationship. My readers claimed that this revisiting of L's past is enchanting and Naomi being the childhood friend to him is also tasteful. It was one hell of a sad chapter but at least we saw some amount of humanity in L that we rarely see. His role as Enma Ai's neighbor in the lull world is also something especially his wacky relationship with that bratty girl Kikuri. 

The story is woven pretty well as it progresses into darker channels. Near and Mello are also around and they are working together! some fanservice, definitely! You wouldn't want to miss the action.
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