April 17th, 2007


Shocking turn of events!

I have always fantasize a Misa and L pairing. I know it sounds strange but I think they look cute together. Death Note is just one hell of a Moral Ambiguity issue just like Jigoku Shoujo and the characters are equally delicious in both sides. Now I decided to take a break with my Angst/Drama Rated M fanfic and went on writing a short yet wicked LXMisa. Actually, it was meant for fun and I didn't really expect so many reviews, asking for a Chapter Two. This is how it was: Light refuses to do Misa so Misa goes to L for a "lustful encounter" do not ask me how I came up with that phrase, I am highly creative when I wrote this fic and then Light catches them and agrees to do Misa if L would join in. So, it is a threesome and some threesome it is since LXLight is the most popular yaoi and Misa is being pushed aside. Misa Amane is my favorite and since she is the only likeable female in the series Takeda Kiyomi should choke to death I decided that she should have a spotlight in my story.

It was a casual break and I did not expect to go on. So I did and Chapter Two is another massive hit. I don't know about you but I am feeling exceptionally horny...

I shall now indulge the appetite of perverse minds my new set of readers in other words

The title is "A Different Kind of Sweet" if you are curious and no, I will not give you the link until I am absolutely sure I will not be getting sued.

"Vengeance Paid" rarely gets enough attention but nonetheless, I am making an excellent progress. Near and Mello's presence is divine and having them working together instead outdoing each other is pleasant. Near gets a little sardonic but from what I understand he is a ruthless, cold bastard second to sociopathic Light. Mello is a little sweet and cool here unlike the usual. I did not intend him to fall in love with Enma Ai but he just did. The outbearing comical doses of Ryuk and Kikuri are still around so not to worry. But where is Mello's chocolate bar?

So that is the shocking turn of events! I am making a sex story when I promised myself I won't go to that direction. I have to admit that it is quite addictive and my apprentice Danica is not impressed. Modesty is her character

I am a whore as a writer. I like to exploit. Care to admire me still?