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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
Oh god, I am seriously getting a hang with lemon fics. Lemon fics are the sex stories in fanfiction. I have no idea why lemons we call them! I have to take a wild guess that it has something to do with wild innuendoes.

"A Different Kind of Sweet" finished with seven ravishing chapters that are satisfying. And in the end of the last chapter, I promised a sequel. God forgive me.

So yes, I am working on the first chapter of a foursome this time! god, I am mentally ill. It's entitled "Dirty Little Whore" and I am officially Misa Amane's pimp. I have exploited her and now she is paired to Near, Mello and Matt.

Weird. I seem to be the first one who dare to use Misa in doing a lemon story. Mostly people want Yaoi (boy on boy) or Shounen Ai. And yes, the public screams LXLight yes, I am so sick of this pairing and most of the time I wish this will be left alone and I find it appealing for quite some time and then I realized that Misa is still a character taken for granted so I gave her another chance to shine. The first chapter went well. Near and Misa as a couple? And here we are thinking Near is only good with his toys and not with girls *grins wickedly*

I have a feeling that this one would be more prominently kinky than the last one. shoot me and I just turned seventeen two days ago.

Want the link? drop dead. Maybe when I finally accept the fact that I am now a porn writer. 

"Vengeance Paid" is intense now. The secrets are on the table and Light Yagami is a candidate to Hell! Who is Enma Ai's customer who requested Light's damnation? You better not miss the confrontation!
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