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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
I have a new fic going on and it's an LXOC story. I just did it out of the blue and I wasn't expecting that it would have more reviews and people get so hooked up with my OC Francesca. I am also very sponataneous on this one that I forget "Vengeance Paid" which by the way is getting morbid and darker everyday. I still hope I could finish it. Life is full of procrastination and that perception is victimizing my priorities. Need to update very fast because I am eager to read reviews by the end of the day. I get personal messages from readers too and I got to be friends with a lot of them. I was so refreshed that I am able to fill in everyone's standards and this story is going to be huge. I could just tell! I won't be complaining anymore but I am in a strict chocolate diet and two hours of sleep. I think malnutrition is not healthy but I am getting laid (in writing sense of course) and that is all that matters, right? I could get used to this lifestyle. We all have to make sacrifices and I don't have a good social life to begin with so might as well get stuck with this. I know, you might think this is stupid but what do you know?

And the L's perception and opinion about sex is something to look out for. Maybe I should give you some details:

Gotta love this story. I think I am going to have so much wicked fun with this. Click the banner and enjoy.

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