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Harleigh Maureen Cooper

I found this story spontaneous and full of intrigue and romance. L reminds me of my brother Francis and that is why I love him with all my heart. This love story is more than I could handle. It is like being literally swept off your feet and you could hear your heart thumping wildly. I am telling you, "My Autistic Charmer" is my favorite fic from now on. Let me articulate the plot: Francesca is a lonely and bored college girl who met a stranger in a bar who turned out to be her new Social Studies professor. Now during lectures, they have flirtatious mental challenges throughout the class. This professor is no other than L. Now during the course of this student-teacher attraction, Francesca realized that she had fallen in love with him. And he might have been feeling the same way for her. Believe me, the story gets interesting everyday! It twists you around in circles and in more indefinite shapes as you go on chapter by chapter.

I have no idea how I got to make this story absolutely fascinating. I guess it's all because of my current obssession with L Lawliet. That surely does give me the right inspiration to enrich the plot. My readers remarked that Francesca is very intelligent and extraordinary and her relationship with L is making them envious. OCs are annoying because they are lame but Francesca turned out fine and they get so attached to her romance with L.

This calls for a celebration! The college setting there is priceless as well! Each chapter is entitled with "Lectures" and then some food association that has an underlying meaning if you read between the lines. It is a gorgeous plot and it is something I am clearly proud of! "Vengeance Paid" is a major work of mine and now I decided that this one should be as well so I changed the title at last since the story took into a major turn in Chapter Nine.

There will be more of L and Francesca. I want this eternal utopian bliss to last!

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