May 27th, 2007

evil gets a better face

Fucking Haters of the Craft

You could all kiss my ass, Get Happy, Silly Frog and Artemus Overlords!

I am good at what I do. I get people to admire and affirm me for all my efforts and I am fucking humble! Harley and I are doing a good job at our stories and if you can't appreciate that then fuck you! I know I make grammatical errors but you could at least look past that. I have good plots!

You know what, that's it! I am tearing down all my non-death note fanfic works. Too bad. I got a total of thirteen and now I will be left with seven but that's fine.

And fanfiction said I violated guidelines so I won't be able to upload until June 1.

Fuck everything.

I would still be fulfilling requests for  "Our Choice of Wardrobe" and "Her God is my Enemy."

"Appetite for Enigma" used to be "My Autistic Charmer" and just like I predicted, it is a huge sell. It is also dedicated to my autistic brother.  This fanfiction work is probably the best so far since a lot of readers said it is their personal favorite and my OC Francesca is so original and exciting. Her relationship with L is also romantic. And I also threw in more adorable OCs and the canon cast (Near and Mello will kick ass!)

So to the haters,  go screw yourselves blind, whores!