May 29th, 2007

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Updates on my works on fanfiction

I have decided to concentrate on my best stories. My writing preference from now on will be solely DEATH NOTE since I am more adept in this anime and if I make a story from another anime, it ends up being mediocre since I don't give my fullest potential on that. So please forgive me for tearing down the other non-death note fics. To the readers who patiently and relentlessly adored my craft, I recommend that you read "Vengeance Paid" since that story is underachieving. It is quite something I am proud of and I do hope you would explore it. Some of you may not know Jigoku Shoujo but I did my best on making it informative and as intelligently written as possible. It is a crossover novel and I hope that, like my other fics, you will also review and enjoy the story.

I will find time to upload "Deceptive Cravings." Fanfiction has banned it, saying I violated the guidelines. Call it a minor detention if you please. I would still plan to arouse all of your perverted minds.

Thank you for all your affirmation of my literary achievements. I remain, as always, humble in your presence.

Vengeance Paid will have 22 chapters

Appetite for Enigma aims 50 chapters

Her God is my Enemy is now a personal favorite so I will make it 11 chapters

Our Choice of Wardrobe would have 5 chapters now

Dirty Little Whore will have its final chapter soon