June 3rd, 2007


New Stories: NearMisa and MelloMisa

We are all addicted to Misa being paired to Near and Mello so here are two stories to indulge that. Near and Mello as a yaoi pairing is a delicious combination but I am still into the normal heterosexual thing so Misa Amane enters the flavor if y'all wouldn't mind. Besides I think there is so much more going for her pairings with these kids. I hope that didnt' sound smutty. I think that after erasing some of my non-death note fics, I actually felt like I was recovering from a horrible disease. Writers will get fucked up over and will get flames from underappreciative if not insecure readers and that is part of honing the craft. I feel better and more confident to go along with what my craft and my soul tell me and that is the point of being able to be proud in whatever I achieve so far.

Her God is my Enemy (NearXMisa)

I started the concept of this story because I want to do my friend a favor who loves Near and Misa pairing due to the accidental masterpiece "Dirty Little Whore." Now this one is kind of a sad story that follows closely the original Death Note story. It was the year 2014 and Misa forms a cult that worships Kira. Near is all grown-up and L's successful successor. He tries to console her and ended up falling in love with each other...or so we thought. As the story progresses, we discover that there is a strong possibilty that Near tricked fate and kept Light Yagami alive after all. Now when Misa stumbles upon this, that is when she had to choose between the man who had deceived her for a very long time or the man who gave her a new life but has other ulterior motives in the process. This is a bitter story and I have to admit that eleven chapters would be enough. I have them all planned out and I am still buying some time until I get to make Chapter Three. I don't want to rush. I feel like this is something worth reading and elaborating and although most of my Death Note fics are unusual for the common taste enter the LXLight fanbase here, I hope fans will enjoy this treat.

Our Choice of Wardrobe (MelloXMisa)

The basic idea is three chapters but I decided to make it five for fun and quirks. This is not that explosive yet since it is only first chapter short but I am working on expanding the horizons on this one. Mello and Misa are like twins and they make such pretty sight if they make out. This one started all comedy and hip and I hope not to make it too deep. It is supposed to be casual sex here and there or it will end up too "attaching" like "A Different Kind of Sweet" and "Dirty Little Whore."