June 20th, 2007

what if i had died?

This is what happens when you clicked the homepage

You are either an avid fan of my writings or an innocent passer-by who wants to follow an instruction and click a hyperlink. Regardless of your purpose, you have now entered the COOPER CRAFT realm where you could chat with me, Harley Cooper-desu. I am strictly into Death Note fanfiction for now and I would gladly share the process of my writing and characters when I feel doing so. To my readers who reviewed my works generously and affirmed me, I allowed anonynmous commenting. Leave a message here by using your pen name in fanfiction and I will gladly get back to you. You could also make a livejournal account so I could let you see my prohibited entries. It is all up to you but I really don't feel like making everything here public since I also have flamers who will do anything to destroy me and I really have no time to amuse myself with them and give them the pleasure of victory. You are allowed to comment on any entry that will interest you.

If you did decide to make an account then thanks and if you do already have an existing account, what the hell, add me and we will have a great time together.

I might have messaged you already to inform you about the existence of this blog. Sorry for the random promotion. Do forgive that behavior. I do need some sort of contact to people like you who have encouraged and inspired me to do better than my best.

This ends today's episode of the Craft. Tune in next time. In the words of Misa Amane as she danced around with her mass murderer of a boyfriend and the detective who is determined to put them in lethal injection for their crimes, "LET US ALL GET ALONG!"