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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
Okay, I asked back in my last two updated chapters of "Appetite for Enigma" to give me some suggestions regarding what they want for a new candy/sweet stuff association. I will hint a majot spoiler that Francesca will be gone for some few chapters after 18 so...I would still use food association because it is delicious and it is supposed to be appetitizing, right? So I decided to post all the suggestions made by my readers. 

Browse the delicaciesCollapse )

And something concerning the pairings. State your reason why you chose the pairing. May answer more than one just as long as you don't repeat one character paired to two others. For example if you are strictly L/F then no L/N for you.

Which APE Pairing do you agree with? L-Francesca...L-Nicoline...Nicoline-Mello...Mello-Leixa...

And if you have your own food association and hadn't given yet, post it in the comments section.

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