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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
01 July 2007 @ 09:32 am
This is what I get for helping a friend. She received a review that goes like, "You sicken me now, your writing sucks," well not the context but the idea is there. Anyway, that person honored me by making me the center of his/her/it attention at last by leaving me an unrelated review in my story "Vengeance Paid." Now so we can all experience the "horror" of his/her/it vengeance,Follow the lj-cut of the sweet thing. Let us all enjoy this wonderful piece of er, literary criticism that actually made me cum (riiiight...)

The best thing about this is he/she/it is anonymous! Really, who is laughable, pathetic, whines about the non-existence of intelligent women of today and then calls me a "repugnant slab of horse semen." and uh, among other things that shouldn't be mentioned again since *sniff* they bring tears! Like hormonal teenager with sexual compulsions (yeah, okay, that's fine) and uhm...well, the vulgar words go on and on he/she/it practically used a dictionary of cusses for this one. Oh and I think it's because I called him/her/it an "IT." That is disrespectful but who says this is all about wise, respectful exchange of words? It obviously isn't at this moment. Carnal savage and vagrant, has the urge to regurgitate...those phrases and terms are just so intoxicatingly pleasant. Wow, this didn't even sting because I honestly can't see myself being hurt with such vulgarity. Didn't even bruise my ego as a writer. Oh, yeah, I am a writer, by the way. Now I understand why my friends enchanter and nimblnymph advised me not to be vindictive everytime somebody pisses me off in fanfiction. It just makes you look...childish? Oh, well. I feel lethargic now. *wink*

"When I had exposed myself to the world, I expected nothing but failures and criticisms and it felt darn good to err then be back on my feet again so whatever you say, say it. I couldn't care less"

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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
01 July 2007 @ 12:27 pm

This is from a PM sent by nimblnymph regarding the flame issue. I have no time to edit it so just go on and read it as it is. Thank you for all the support by the way. Appreciated and Honored. I am very glad that you agree on my point of view. Flamers should be permanently banned in fanfiction. I have no time to engage the interest of flamers especially the anonymous kind. BUt since I am adorably sadistic, I have posted this issue again and will not erase that flame in my profile forever. Just a short reminder to deal with me intelligently and I will respect you.

People are such rays of sunshine. They could go kiss my ass someday.

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