July 2nd, 2007

twisted lightmisa

Amusing and thoroughly fascinating

I have invited you at my table, dear Miss-against-pornographic-content-in fanfiction.net and yet you refused my hospitality so because you have used your Reverse Psychology on me, I shall be responding back eagerly as you have waited. It is obvious you have never read my works and concluded me to be a pornographic writer just because I said I enjoy writing smut. And to leave such glorious message in "Appetite for Enigma." Wow, I am really impressed on how broad you are in the language of vulgarity. Yes, your words did got to me. It was absorbed and was made fun of my stimulated mind. I am beyond amazed of how much you adore me. Hatred is untamed love and you show it to me crystal clear. So yes, dearest let me post your review again here in my journal and profile and the English language is a tricky business. If I find time, I might post nimblnymph's comment on your grammar skills. And maybe this too, I shall ask her to examine.

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Somebody definitely needs a whole bunch of theraphy and some motherly love since it clearly shows that she was not raised right by her parents. Really, this is truly entertaining. I could hardly control the giggles. This is just the second part. I will post the third part on the next entry.