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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
08 July 2007 @ 10:24 pm
I will be gone again for five days and will be back on weekends. Hopefully I have finished "Dirty Little Whore," "Her God is my Enemy" and "Our Choice of Wardrobe." And then add my two new stories next, next week since I don't want my reader getting confused which one should be read first.

Death Note fandom is still exciting for me but I think I will only have eight fics from it (including the two new ones) and then when I got to finish them all (which would be like January 2008 since "Appetite for Enigma" is 50 and my morbid stories "Her God is my Enemy" and "Vengeance Paid" are too complicated to finish easily) I will be choosing another place to devote my writing skills. I am already formulating stories for the TV Series of CSI, Rome, Medium and Criminal Minds and I hope you would still look out for that. Anyway, that would be next year. Now we are strictly Death Note material.

I brought two bottles of tequilla with me. Here's to me hoping the guards won't inspect bags when I get to my dorm. Well, I am confident I could sneak it in. Actually, I have one and a half bottles of tequilla since I have finished half of one bottle Edgar Allan Poe would be proud.

Au Revoir for now and see you all in five days!

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