July 20th, 2007

what if i had died?

An Agreement

I have some news regarding my craft. 

I shall now be putting aside that ambition and dream of mine for a while. College should be prioritized but more importantly there is always room for improvement for my writing. Talent and imagination are not always enough. There is a pragmatic requirement in achieving writing success. I have flaws in my grammar and I do not want my craft to suffer. I have already talked to my father about this. He also advised me to study go back to the basics and self-study some English Proficiency modules. I do not say that I am no longer a good writer. I know I am but see, I want to be great. I have loved the craft for as long as I can remember and I want it to grow. I want it to be the highest kind of expression and art as possible. 

So I may not be able to write in fanfiction anymore. I am not sure when I shall return but I need to train myself again and to practice until my writing is better. There is a time for everything and now this is the time to find oneself in the midst of tangled principles. I have been arrogant and a wiseass and I shall once again humble myself.

To my readers, I hope you would wait for my return. I ask only for your patience and faith. I shall be back on my feet again and with that comes more promising tales from my twisted mind. Occasional PMs will be greatly appreciated. To everybody who had believed in me, I am honored, truly, to be affirmed.

For now, this is farewell.