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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
24 August 2007 @ 01:46 pm
I should make a list now of what I should do with my fanfiction stories just so I don't get out of track. And what do you know? I get along just fine without happy pills and tequilla. And my current addiction is the 80's series Beverly HIlls, 90210...I so love Brenda and Dylan pairing!

My smut stories should go along together in updating:
Dirty Little Whore (Chapter 7)
Our Choice of Wardrobe (Chapter 2)
I'm a PERVERT? (Chapter 3)
A Little More Would Do (Chapter 2)

Then my other serious fics:
Her God is my Enemy (Chapter 4)
World of Sights and Sounds (Chapter 2)

Lastly Appetite for Enigma (Chapter 21) Near's POV, should be separated from uploading.

And I really should be patient with reviews. I have a beta reader now just in case since tenses is so my defeat. I hate the whole pragmatic thing about being grammatically correct all the time. Still, nothing limits my imagination so I will go on and empower the craft as long as I can.

Now I must go back to reality, which is college, and perform well there as well.

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