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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
14 September 2007 @ 01:01 pm
Wow, it is never my intention to mislead anybody but I think I want more of Misa Amane smut. So what do you know, I created one again...this time it is YURI. As I look at my profile in FFNet, I feel a strong surge to beat my head on my desk. Wow, I finally have ten fics Eleven if Angelica is finally posted. I just couldn't believe I survived this long. Well, of course there is the ocassional shit about flames and my pathetic grammar that sucks like a vaccuum. Not to mention that I want to continue some of my smut works but I just can't find the inspiration to do so. Procrastination is an enemy but I won't force myself if the fancy does not suit me yet. For now, I am working on "Her God is my Enemy" and "Appetite for Enigma" since I am such a whore for these two stories. I am still uncertain on how I want "World of Sights and Sounds" should go. I can feel in my gut it something worth writing about and people might learn something from my applied experience there. What a shame it is that my craft is suffering ridicule from her own master Shut the fuck up Harley. No one needs your bullshit.

I have ten Death Note fics, all of which are well-written if you don't count the grammar and all of them were affirmed greatly by readers. I am a talented writer...right? I have a good skill...right? See, my ego-inflated nature is becomming life-threatening but how I love spraying it to envious maggots.

Well, I am holding onto a thin line. I hope to improve and work hard to make another chapter for my unfinished stories. Support the craft, dear friends. I only ask such humble favor.

NOTE: "We're all MAD here" is a parody that will be based on Alice in Wonderland. Think Ouran Highschool Host Club version only with smut. Got the mental image? Goodie. 

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