October 16th, 2007

misa playtime

Terrible Consequences

I am having the best sem break so far. Unfortunately I made the big stupedous mistake of leaving my documents in my roommate's laptop so I can't update anything else but "I'm a PERVERT." I am almost done with several chapters for "Appetite for Enigma" and "Her God is my Enemy" and now I have to convince my conscience not to shoot itself. I am really enjoying focusing on my smut for awhile. Chapter Two for both "Our Choice of Wardrobe" and "A Little More Would Do" is more than procrastination. I am also having second thoughts on pursuing "World of Sights and Sounds" and hell, I am done with "Angelica" but as I have stated before, I was stupid to leave my files on the dormitory. By some miracle of God I hope I will survive the crisis.

I really hate Takada Kiyomi but I am having fun with "We're all MAD here." "Dirty Little Whore" has finally said its goodbye. I think in the meantime I will concentrate on L/Misa and think of another formula for "Vengeance Paid."

My innate love for Ally Mcbeal and John Cage pairing is clouding over my L/Misa. I think L/Misa is a good pairing. I like their romance although non-existent in canon. Yeah, I'll concentrate more on them.

And I want to welcome Condolezza Ribeiro!

UPDATES to follow:

Appetite for Enigma- Chapter 23 (Pablito Mendez and Leonard Telesco POV)
Her God is my Enemy- Chapter 5 (Conquered by Love)
Angelica- Chaper 1 (Computer games later)
Our Choice of Wardrobe- Chapter Two (Damned Elevator buttons)
We're all MAD here- Chapter Three (White Rabbit)
A Little More Would do- Chapter Two (Expensive Taste)