October 31st, 2007


Happy Birthday L Lawliet!

I love October 31 so much and I finally got the chance to celebrate his birthday. I should also celebrate his death anniversary but that would be too morbid and I might end up be singing "Can't cry hard enough." Today is a happy day! I'll make my L his favorite strawberry shortcake! Did L die a virgin? Celibacy has disadvantages. I could only wish he will be back from the dead just so I could perform an unspeakable act with him. How deviant of me to speak about him on his birthday like this. Mom got a jar of black and orange M&Ms and they are so crunchy and sweet! Reminds me of Mello a lot because cavities are worth having just as long as they were caused by chocolate I love orange and black too! I wish I could screw Iron Chief Oh, crap, ignore that last strikethrough. *tries thinking of L again* And I should avoid DeathGod forum for now to establish sanity.