November 24th, 2007

the first kiss is a delight

"Her God is my Enemy" Chit-chat

I just feel like posting something and I decided to post this draft I am working on for Chapter Eight "The Act of Repentance." These are Near's thoughts on Mello and I want to make sure I got it canon and right. For these past few weeks I have been literary dead, like absolutely cooper drain. I have no energy to write or a laptop to use. My roommate is having fun with hers since she uploaded some cool games and I am still trying to convince my dad to have mine now but he said I might find an excuse to indulge my nocturnal fantasies and insomnia he was right with that but of course, I denied, denied, denied. So I am trying to give myself some time to heal after personal conflicts seemed to scar me from writing. I will be back soon and just try to take my time to gradually get over my procrastination. I have posted L's POV for Appetite for Enigma anyway so that's covered...

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