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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
25 December 2007 @ 12:31 am
The creation of this story is once again inspired by the events in my life as I dealt with my brother’s autism. I used the characters of Mello and Near to symbolize my relationship with my brother. This story is not of Death Note content. The canon characters will be somehow OOC and if you do not wish to continue reading such material then it is your choice. I thank those who would still read and review this and will appreciate and respect your opinion but let us refrain from flaming and leave the story right now if you could only close your mind to degrade it. I shall not appreciate vulgar, childish remarks. Constructive criticisms will be gratified. Some instances here narrated happened while I am taking Special Education course and has motivated me to construct the entire plot of this story. Thank you to my avid readers and I hope this piece of literature will be another enjoyable reading experience.

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And in an unrelated sidenote, the L movie will be released by February 9, 2008! Here is my Kenichi-kun!

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