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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
25 March 2008 @ 12:12 pm
I've been watching my Death Note DVD vicariously again and it's amazing how you start to pay attention on the things you missed before when you only watched it three times or so. I watched Episode 19 I believe, the one with Matsuda being his dumbass self (and the episode is entitled to him as some sort of cruel ode.) And the conversation where L revealed himself to be the three top detectives of the world was very cool and I only started to realize that he said something like, "Don't tell anybody about this. If you keep this a secret, I will give you my strawberry" and the Yagami father and son were like WTF and Mogi, the sweet man he is, took the strawberry and placed it on his pocket. I was lilke, yeah, DN is also filled with random moments that are too random you don't even pay attention to them. So I was laughing my ass off, silly as hell because I'm turned on by L's quirks again. I don't know what is so hot about that statement but I remember grinning like a stupid moron and my whole body just trembled. It's so like L to unexepectedly attack you with his cute ironic sense of humor. And I know we all looked at the garter of his white boxers when he and Light were about to punch each other and his shirt was lifted up and whoops! Boxers! I mean, the garter but it's still the same yumminess. I've never been this hot since watching Pirates of the Carribean trilogy continiously and drooling over Captain Jackie.

Updates! I've been slacking off...as anyone would expect. I'm fairly working on any story I can handle but it's finals week for college me and so I deliberately ignore writing duties. I am writing...just not anything great or worth posting...I suck...
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