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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
14 April 2008 @ 12:38 am
I try to examine the extremities of my mental stamina. Hence, more fandom work. My love for Death Note has never left my happy place but expanding horizons can be very productive. And the notorious Toddett pairing just shakes me to my core like a wet piece of salami with its juices squeezed from my mind grapes that I know doesn't even make sense. The pairing reminds me of LightMisa...in so many terrifying ways they seem to be too identical:

1) Sweeney Todd and Light Yagami are killers. They attach a moral code to what they do. Sweeney takes revenge for his wronged old persona Benjamin Barker and Light, well, he's the 'justice crusader' Kira.

2) Misa and Mrs. Lovett are extremely devoted to these men who will never return their affections. They became accomplices to horrible crimes out of love for these men.

3) The sexual tension + one-sided attraction = manipulation. I think both Misa and Mrs. Lovett are willing to be used and corrupted but they have their own share of crimes to keep these men needing their assistance. Light and Sweeney feel strongly for their goals and attach their whole dignity to objects (the razors, the Death Note) but seem to have some amount of twisted concern regarding their female accomplices, but never romantic.

Those are my thoughts and it would be easier to write a decent ST fanfic if I keep Light and Misa in my mind and replay the song "My Friends" over and over. To those who have any idea what I'm babbling about, any thoughts? Here is my first draft:

Not BarkerCollapse )
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