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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
16 April 2008 @ 01:20 am

What the fuck is L doing in these pictures? Whatever it is, I'm completely delirious. My dad will be going back to Japan soon to buy me Death Note goodies (to work as well, but more importantly in my self-centered kingdom, he goes there to buy me Death Note goodies.) I already have the novel and DVD exclusive view for L Change the world and the book of Another Note. And How to read 13 as well, all in fluent Japanese. Suffice to say, this doesn't stop me from accumulating more. I got myself an L plushie at last which I throw around, bite, kiss, hug, molest... I'm dying to get my hands on the L photobook with Matsuken. I mean, dying! So I got myself this scan to comfort me by my horrible waiting days. Why can't I get enough of Death Note? With my stupid laptop being fixed, my career in DN fandom will be put to rest, at least for a while.

And I saw other wonderful scans on this photobook. 

1) Like little L, creepy-like, baggy clothes as usual. 
2) And falling in his chair with Watari helping him. 
3) Eating ice cream while sitting on top of the lid of a toilet bowl
4) Watari stripping him, forcing him to change his shirt  I died when I saw that! 
5) Him on a swing in his usual sitting position he makes ordinary events very erotic and i feel the need to strikethrough this comment
6) Then this weird one where he seems to be inside of a washing machine, bathing...it's disturbingly hot. I dunno why exactly he's taking a bath in that way...but "hot" I tell you.

Has anybody seen these pictures? It made my day. I can't stop my giggle fits. 

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