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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
22 June 2008 @ 01:23 pm
So I like the "Twilight "book. Only because the whole sexual tension between Bella and Edward with their slight touches and soft kisses makes me want to rip the story apart and make it into an Anne Rice vampire novel where blood from humans is sucked and real vampires don't inhibit themselves with their 'thirst' and don't go on an 'animal blood diet.' Quite frankly, I don't like the plot. But I adore Bella Swan (most especially her movie version...I dunno...she's really pale, not actually pretty...but I like looking at her plain face.) And yeah, Pattison from Harry Potter (used to be hunk Cedric Diggory who died) plays the gorgeous Edward he can suck my blood any day. I do favor Carlisle though. I only read this for simple reasons that my roommie has a book of it and I browsed it, enjoyed the 'sexual tension' pages and say, hell, I'ma watch the movie. No TV series...I made the silly mistake of that. Other than that....well, it's generally entertaining. But this isn't really my type of literature. I'm for classics, non-fiction and mystery thrillers and shit. Danielle Steele (is that the right name?) makes me puke because romance material doesn't engage my interest.

And there should be sex between Bella and Edward because smut can be promising. And vampires having sex? God damn! I'm getting tired of Bella and Edward keeping it innocent with 'passion pure but boiled.' The lust can be cathartic to the reader...really. As for me that is...so I'm rolling my eyes.

I'm finishing Chapter Five for Sherlock Chronicles. I have finished it but I think there's vital substance missing. And college as an irregular student is crappy. I'm rarely online for LJ.
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