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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
At some point I'm gonna have to update this blog. Well, needless to say I've been slacking off five times more than usual procrastination but I have really good reasons. I can always put the blame on my personal life and my college responsibilities but that would not be fair both to myself and my pride so...I think I have to at least summarize what has happened to me these past few weeks. First off, I still plan to update my Death Note fandom since I've received several hopeful demands from readers. I plan to get back to the fanfiction mode sooner of later (but sadly not later.) And in addition to writing duties, I'm trying to expand the structure of my original novel "Sherlock" Chronicles and I already had my literature professor read the six chapters I've finished so far. She encourgaed me to pursue my passion in writing and yeah, I would. I treat art as the supreme reality and life as a mere mode of fiction as Oscar Wilde, wise guy, said. And I still have my La Corda d' Oro fandom to concentrate upon as well. Right now, current distractions are disabling me from performing to my utmost power to write decent stories.

Two anime shows have occupied me lately: Prince of Tennis and the beautiful Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei. I can't completely proclaim that I'm officially a POT fan but as a megane addict *cough-Kyouya-Teru-Cho Hakkai-cough* I personally am obsessed with the Seigaku captain Kunimitsu Tezuka and my nocturnal time is filled with only "dreams" (being used loosely) about him. Now moving on to the other anime, I recommend it immensely! It's a spiteful dark comedy that satirizes the Japanese societal customs and cultural stereotypes that evolve into more wordly concepts. The protagonist, a pessimistic high school teacher, challenges his culture but is bound to it and often attempts to commit suicide to send out his message of despair. It's provocative and addictive indeed. So now I spend time watching the 178 eps shit, I missed a lot of tennis action of POT and deconstructing the exponential ideologies from Goodbye Mr. Despair. I honestly believe the two said anime might just be on the same level as my fascination for Death Note. Honestly, Sayonara did win that Kondansha manga  award-something. It's creating season 3 this month. I have to grab a copy somewhere *adds it to list next to L change the world*

Power to Megane! The teacher in Sayonara is also one *icon love!*

I promise not to neglect my priorities in FFNet world. In the meantime, I'll go improve my academic status with the midterms fast-approaching because I must not let Algebra kick my ass again.
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