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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
27 July 2008 @ 02:32 pm

I've never told anyone this in LJ but I'm a Batman fan since five years old, mostly because my grandfather was and he used to collect figurines and stickers of the Batman kind. The endearment on my part further developed when I was in grade school. I started reading the comics available that I can buy in any bookstore and I fancied the actors Val Kilmer and Micahel Keaton who played Batman in a very convincing way. I always knew there is a special connection between Bruce Wayne and me since the growth of my admiration for him is based solely on the fact that he is an ordinary man with no super powers but he still chose to defend the Gotham city with all his strength. That alone deserves respect and awe. He is also very flawed and so taciturn as Bruce Wayne that I completely gravitate towards him more and more.

The new version of Batman played by Christian Bale struck me as a good performance and the following and latest movie "The Dark Knight" was plain enchanting and moved me in many channels. It also showcased the sweet late Heath Ledger as "Joker" whose portrayal is matched with Jack Nicholson's. It was uncanny and original in its own way and I admit, among all the villains, Joker is my third most favorite, next to Penguin and Catwoman. The movie definitely gave justice to Joker's sadistic, scheming and archaic side and Ledger, bless his soul, made a huge impact on me as a Batman fan with his performance and I will miss him greatly for this.

I also derived my name "Harley" from Joker's assistant "Harley Quinn," a little FYI. So has anybody seen the movie yet? It was a very impressive adaptation that was quite enjoyable and touching. The first movie was a bore for me because somehow it lacks the certain power of introduction that I once felt when reading the comics and watching the older movie versions. But "The Dark Knight" doesn't fall short, if I say so as a Batman fan myself, and it's something I like to watch over and over again! Heath Ledger lives!
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