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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
07 September 2008 @ 07:34 am

Horrible luck with my personal goals lately. Been consistently abandoning my studies and compensating excessively on emotional shortcomings. So far I still believe there are death traps waiting in every relationship to be made. Fortunately writing is a good catharsis. Always had been. Right now it's been failing me too. I need to stop reinventing myself and just let loose, conform once in a while. But my sense of whatever-shit-freaks-like-me-call-it and of course, my pride are getting in the way of that. So here's to me, for being such a wuss. These things happen. I will get past it.

There's just so much debate on how the fleeting injustice that happens when you don't try to be part of the crowd arises. I'm never gonna win, am I? Be that as it may, I still have crap to clean. I still have a lot on my plate and it's best to just find the core, the state of center, or my sanity will be intact no more.

Got a story in POT fandom: Ornament of no intact personality

Here is chapter one of that:

[Strangers with no drinks on their hands have no dance to share]Collapse )
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