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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
06 December 2008 @ 05:39 pm
Goddammit! I just can't understand! Once I'm completely spiraling down to steamy bliss of romance, you know, the kind that makes you feel feverish and dizzy that you are simply reduced to a bumbling, squealing idiot, one that renders your self-restraint useless...well, once I'm already there, it becomes painfully anti-climatic. I was reading Chapter 24 of VK and enjoying the best Zeki moment. I can remember my knuckles white as I grasp on the pillows beside me while I watch Zero reaching forward to Yuuki, obviously wanting to kiss her...their breaths mingling there for a while, delicious...you can see Yuuki doesn't know what to do about the pressing situation and yet she was cool and steady, anxious about what he will do...Zero's eyes were masked but as their lips were almost touching...he pulls back, says his sorry.

That was cruel of you, Matsuri Hino-sensei! Why do you have to pierce me like that and then leave me hanging, wanton and destitute! WOE! I mean, what the hell was that, seriously? Zeki's relationship is starting to develop more than just 'children who grew up together' and 'friends who hang out in school together'. The phase of their compatibilityis getting hotter! I mean, Zero is, like, totally sucking her every time opportunity presents it. And as a romantic possibility goes, committing a"FORBIDDEN ACT" says how much they could become so much more! I honestly cannot believe the fuck I'm reading right now! It's so...hypnotic and moving most of the time. It's just...ah, shit, I just don't know why I have to get so excited like that and then get nothing satisfying. Like not being quenched, for example, of human blood...now I know how Zero must feel like. The hunger unmet and prolonged is painful. And for a second there, I thought if they kissed...I'll end up hyperventilating. WOE! *sniffs* I must be stronger than the torment

 And nobody should fucking tell me that Zero pushing her to the wall and goes for her neck from behind isn't HOT as HELL itself! Because you know damn well it is. Yuuki was making those noises, for crying out loud! How is that not sexually stimulating?! But I'll probably be moaning and spasming if it was me >D
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