December 11th, 2008


Kaname x Zero

Slash time, baby! This is dedicated to Erivall-chan [info]e_eleniel

I would also like to thank Viola-chan [info]viola_canina  for hooking me up to VK. It's tasty and worth the deed. I've always wanted to write smut-yaoi for very personal reasons but I can't quite find an appropriate fandom for it. And then I thought to myself: "What could be hotter than two handsome vamps going at it?" And the answer just hit me across the face! It's Kaname Kuran and Zero Kiriyuu engaging on such feat, of course!

Title: There isn't a moment when... 

Vampire Knight

Characters: Kaname Kuran // Zero Kiriyuu 


Warning: Graphic sex, blood-sucking foreplay, frottage.  This is set somewhere after Zero bites Kaname. But I pretty much fucked up the time table of the events just to adjust it to this fic's setting. I still hope I got this one right, especially the characters of the two vamps. I mean, this is my first time writing a VK fic so please be gentle with the comments and crit! Onegai shimasu. 

Summary: Kaname's fancy has been misdirected all this time...


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