December 12th, 2008

frail tezuka

Favorite Shoujo manga heroines

I've encountered a conversation here in LJ that slandered the stereotype of a shoujo manga female lead they were comparing worst female characters next to Bella Swan from Twilight . I can't say I blame them. Truth be told, my all-time favorite shoujo manga Fushigi Yuugi has Miaka Yuuki and after all the crap she's been through (like having every guy want to rape her; running away from Tamahome again an again, only to end up regretting her decision in the end, etc.) I started to dislike her overall as a character. And I'm not saying that the typical concept of the shoujo manga girl is bad; it's just that maybe it's too overplayed. I admit that soft-spoken female characters are cute...but only to some extent. I remember loathing Sakuno Ryuuzaki from Prince of Tennis anime when she just keeps squirming and blubbering like an idiot around Echizen. It's annoying. I know this is me being a bitch but I do resent the idea that girls can't go a little crazy or have a weird personality trait that could earn a guy's affection. Recently, I've read three shoujo mangas that are entertaining, largely because their female leads are of different breed.

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