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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
24 December 2008 @ 01:05 am
I spend my December bitching about carolers who can't hit a damn note. Now I consider myself reasonably charitable but money ain't being picked around these days so sorry, can't help you! This is me, wearing my Yuletide spirit under my sleeve. We won't have a Christmas Eve celebration when you gather all family members to watch the Christmas tree and then open presents and show it to each other. Nope, because my brother is sick in the hospital and we have to be there. It's cool since I generally hate holidays...well, I generally hate social gatherings..no, wait, I generally hate parties...so it's cool. But I made a Santa list of what I want for Christmas and I'm not talking about the material possessions I long for; but you know, the important stuff. I'll also plan to have a New Year's resolution that will go unfulfilled because I'm not a hypocrite I'm not saying those who have an NY resolution are, of course...although me having one and not going to live up to it is a new breed of hypocrisy so kudos to my bitter resentment of all things I find trivial even when it's just me being an asshole

And yes, F-list, you assumed right: I don't like the holidays except for the part where it's a no-school event which, in my case, is nothing special anymore since I dropped out of college this year and this is me just whining shit. Apologies. This is what you get, I guess: a sucky version of myself because both boyfriend and best friend are out of the country. That and because I always wanted a White Christmas I can never have in the Philippines.

My Santa List is...!Collapse )

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