December 26th, 2008


Filipino Twilight TV Series??? God forbid!

Oh the horror speaketh volumes of revulson!!

", eh? WTF!!?? Dude, this is sooo wrong. Creeps me out. BIG TIME.
I'll turn the other cheek if this becomes cruel reality. I don't want to jump to conclusions yet as how the show will be like (I still have faith in local shows even though I can't stand watching any of them these days). As much as this hurts my self-respect, I would be lying if I deny that I'm not at least a bit curious what sparkly ASWANGS look like. So not only does TWILIGHT get to fuck up white culture notion on vampires; we get to have our aswang tradition reduced to pop-culture folly as well (not like it hasn't been already but at least we still have the decency and a strong grasp that aswangs are "evil creatures" because they kill people through blood-sucking..and we don't beautify them with crystals either). Makes me want to hug myself in a fetus position and watch Shake, Rattle and Roll or any of our old horror movies just to scare myself with the news that all those childhood warnings we get from our lolas about aswangs would dissolve because they're pretty fairies that sparkle anyway.

The reason why aswangs were constructed was to keep children/teens from staying outside during ungodly hours. It worked for years and now, ever since some teenagers evolved to selfish beings who only like to party, this doesn't work anymore. But at least preserve the tradition.

One of the laughable things said in the Twilight movie: "THIS IS THE SKIN OF A KILLER, BELLA!" (Edward on 'sparkling'). You can see that's a bullshit thing to say when you want to induce fear. Like, would anyone run away, screaming for their lives, at the sight of a 'glittery yumminess' that is Edward-fucking Cullen?
This hurts my brain so much, I could hyperventilate as I speak.

Our aswangs won't sparkle, dammit! Nope, me ain't white. Me not buying this shit to eat it up. Na-uh, assholes.

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