January 3rd, 2009

the world is death note bitches

Kindly blow his brains out! [Zero to Edward]

I encountered this fanart in the VK fanclub site in fanpop.com (which I'm a member of). Although it doesn't seem anti in content, as an anti-Twilighter myself, I find it very likeable but not completely satisfactory. I ignore the implication that Zero's 'I must kill them goddamn vamps' attitude was being made mockery of because it doesn't matter because I do that too sometimes. In my honest opinion, I think Zero should have shot the Cullens, from the most annoying to the least. Actually, I don't care who goes first; I just want Edward Cullen to die painfully. I know SMeyer wrote her vampires to be invinsible and perfect that they don't sleep, eat or breathe and that's a shitload of wishful thinking. In the end, I think vampires should not be depicted as 'flawless' like any character in any fictional work, because they end up looking like a bunch of ill-conceived eye-candy, certified jack-off material that appeals to the lowest kind of my gender. It's sick.

So Zero, please do the honors and pull the trigger and Yuuki, don't get in the fucking way, sweetie and to the artist, the school patch in Yuuki's arm was very creatively well-drawn,  by the way!

And I've changed my opinion about Kaname stalking Edward for breakfast. When Zero is done flooding Edward's incandescent chest with silver bullets, he should decapitate the head and burn the carcass immediately. I don't think Kaname can digest something so abominable like Eddie and I won't put him through the indignity. Edward's head will serve as a display near the window where the sunlight can make it glitter.