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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
31 January 2009 @ 03:49 pm
HIATUS begins 02-01-09 and ends 04-05-09and perhaps during the following months of June to December 2009, I'll be either present or not..perhaps just not as frequently as I was before. I won't be posting entries some days but I will comment of my F-list's posts as much as I can if school won't hinder me so.

February to March

--> RL issues. Will be strictly devoting these two months for work, college (which had kicked me in the balls last year) and goals. And my autistic brother will permanently stay with us so...


--> FFNet issues. Will start picking up what was left before the sudden attack of procrastination ensued. Will begin updating the currently neglected fandoms of Death Note, Kiniro no Corda and Prince of Tennis while balancing new fandoms of Vampire Knight and Kuroshitsuji.

--> Will also write oneshots on six fandoms and dedicate each to F-List. Finished stories will be posted by set and those said future fiction works can be found in aterraincognita 

Saying my temporary au revoir to old and new friends I've made last 2007-2008 and this year ^^

Current Mood: impressedimpressed