April 1st, 2009

Can you hear the bells?

Hello F-List! I ain't back for good though

I'm Harley. I'm one self-indulgent habit away from social demise.

And you are?

[I'm sort of out of coverage. Internet access is lacking. My resolve may not be strong enough to take it. In which case, I won't be posting new entries. So I leave y'all with this one. You can talk to me about anything, bullshit and otherwise. I could use the company. However, I have no idea how long this hiatus is gonna last but it'll probably be a long time before my cyber status would be permanent again. Which sucks ass. But Christ have mercy on me. Because of all your tireless recommendations, I'm currently watching Code Geass and Hetalia. I would be back to fangirl on these. I cry a river, hope y'all won't drown.]