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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
Aw fuck. This is what happens when I turn on the television and actually inform myself about what is going on with the world. This piece of shit is all over the Local News and why wouldn't it be? It was terrible. This Filipina accused two US military soldiers that they raped her...but it was all circumstancial evidence that even I don't know what to believe. The two dudes argued it was consensual. They even appeared in Local TV broadcast while I was enjoying my cereal for sympathy effect of some sort. And I was half-convinced that one of them didn't do it. For a while the Filipina, they call her 'Nicole', pressed on with her case and even had our Feminist Movement GABRIELA fighting for her and then all of a sudden she drops the charges because she was granted a US Green Card? I was actually upset, considering I'm perfectly happy being an anti-social and do not find a need to care about anything outside that comfort zone. I was very upset somehow  but not as upset as Light was with his cheeful 'the world is rotten' view

I'm babbling and whining because I don't really know what to make of this. I'm mad that she just gave up because she was bought off or something. I don't know if Smith is guilty but it seems to me that somebody has to pay for all the damage caused on both sides, I guess. I think I'm more pissed off with the fact that Nicole must be another one those Filipinos who can't wait to be an American citizen and would do anything to see it fulfilled. I have no problem with some of my fellowmen who want to go to US for their American dreams but I just hate how desperate some of these people have to become. I hate to think Nicole is an example of this repulsive conformity to the White Man's BS. The Philippine Economy is burying us with all that debt and corruption, and I know moving to another country to find some means of livelihood is a solution, but not the only solution. And GABRIELA really supported her and she just waited their time and effort for a lousy green card.

But what the fuck do I know? See for yourselves about NICOLE'S RAPE. It's seriously whacked. Smith got what he deserved (I guess some justice must have been served.) Still I feel uncomfortable...was she really raped? What the fuck really happened? Are the media hounds of the Locas News being cannibals again? Some sort of political agenda between The Philippines and the US government? What?! I shouldn't even be talking about this in here but I just have to vent out. This affects me as a Filipino citizen and a woman...or whatever the fuck I am being empathetic about.

Nicole’s case might have been like hundreds, if not thousands, of other cases of rape that had been reported in or around US military bases in the Philippines since 1946. But no American soldier had ever been convicted of raping a Filipino woman until December of 2006 when Makati Trial Judge Benjamin Pozon pronounced Smith guilty of raping Nicole. Instead of being remanded into custody in a Philippine jail, however, Smith instead was transferred to the US embassy, where he awaited the eventual reversal of his conviction which occurred last week.

The whole thing is crap but I worried about it for two days and the anxiety lurked in my stomach even when I don't want it to anymoreCollapse )
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