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Harleigh Maureen Cooper
09 June 2009 @ 10:47 am

Nothing special. I've been revising my Death Note smut stories A Different Kind of Sweet and Dirty Little Whore. These stories are considered my very first so there are lots of loose ends and proofreading to be done. They have seven chapters each and the horror of looking back at your past works of fiction is a feeling like no other. Regardless of the realization that I used to suck back then, the realization that my writing style has evolved is also very delightful. So I've rewritten three chapters for A Different and I hope to accomplish on finishing the revisions by the end of July. I'm also writing on Yu Yu Hakusho fandom, since it was my earliest favorite when I was nine years old. It is a piece entitled Dirt in the Snow about the twins Hiei and Yukina and the gradual sibling relationship they develop (as well as a one-sided incestuous, pseudo-sexual feelings that will happen as the story pushes forward). It has two chapters posted and I'm still thinking about adding something on the third chapter before posting it as well.

I'm in no mood or rush to update in DN fandom as well as the others. I dunno. Perhaps I will start writing progressively in August because I have my college duties to pay attention to this year. The world is my oyster, shit like that, so I ought to enjoy how far I've gotten in fanfiction. And I'm truly grateful for it. I have 19 stories published in my FFNet account. These accomplishments are something to celebrate about. I could look back and regret nothing.

WRITING STATUS: Revised and published three chapters of A Different Kind of Sweet (05-29-09). Published Misa on stilettos (05-31-09). Uploaded Chapter 2 for Dirt in the Snow (06-04-09)


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