January 1st, 2010

the world is death note bitches

Harley's hanging, not spread so thin

It's a New Year and I've neglected to update this eljay for several months because I haven't been writing fanfiction that long. I was busy with RL writing in our school paper so it takes a lot of my time. We'll be releasing our literary digest this February. I do update my private eljay writer_craft  to about my personal and social life, and needless to say I've never been happier with the way things are going for me.

So what's new with my fandoms? Well, I'm still very much addicted to my childhood favorite Yu Yu Hakusho. I haven't started watching Darker than Black but it proved to be very interesting, as well as Hunter x Hunter and I'm only seven episodes as for now. I managed to watch Boys Be continously at my aunt's place during one lazy Saturday afternoon and I found it amusing, if not dreadfully fluffy. It's one thing that I don't write fanfiction; it's another thing that I don't devote time for my fandoms. I guess college has gotten the best of my otaku days and I find it easier to watch TV series like How I met your mother and The Big Bang Theory a lot more enjoyable, given the flow of my daily activities. This Christmas break we keep having  ambush vacations with the family so yeah. Now that my fanfiction status is almost unproductive, perhaps I should spare myself an energy to update my VK smut, POT fic and YYH fic while revising the chapters for A Different Kind of Sweet. I don't know if I'll be able to completely accomplish them but...baby steps.

Fanfiction and anime fandoms used to be my life and religion. Now I guess I have different priorities, more RL than virtual.

Happy New Year, F-list! I'd still be here. Lurking and trying to write.