February 8th, 2010

evil gets a better face

Gotta get back on the game!

So OMG.  I haven't been updating this eljay in ages because I believe my membership in our school paper demands my utmost attention. Three of my original stories will be published soon in our literary digest and I just can't wait! In the meantime, I've decided to stop slacking off in my writing duties, FFNet-wise. I think I'm making progress so far. Let me do a list:

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*I really wanna keep writing fanfiction, especially now that I've found out I could use it as a means to improve on my writing style. And I have so many stories I want to develop and finish because I think it would be unfair to the readers who are looking forward to their completion. And I also have issues with Appetite for Enigma and it's safe to say I still don't know how to go about revising it.

On a unrelated sidenote that has something to do with new fandoms, I've been finishing Darker Than Black and so far it is awesome! I enjoyed the character backstories and the over-all pacing and flow of the episodes. I'm really captivated by the storyline although I noticed some loopholes here and there but the anime itself makes up for impressive storytelling, action scenes and its enigmatic lead, Hei. I have yet to finish Loveless, Code Geass, and D-Gray Man. My DVD of Vampire Knight Guilty has failed me by the ten to thirteen episodes which sucks ass so bad. Hopefully the DVD will work on my parents' player.

And I have a question to my F-list: Is being an anime/manga/ fan ever shamed you? Did you ever find yourself thinking that loving anime/manga is something of a guilty pleasure? What do your peers say about it, if said peers are not anime/manga fans themselves?
I ask this because I just really, really wanna know. I believe being an anime/manga fan is also a form of geek, right? Not like I ever cared about the label sinceI love a variety of things. It's just that I don't really wear being a fangirl for anime as some sort of badge. I immensely like a lot of TV series and movies and so many books, as well as anime and J-pop. So another question in mind is: Have you ever identified yourself strongly by these interests and hobbies before/ or still do?