February 9th, 2010

what if i had died?

Day One of Fanfiction Writing: Picking up where I left off

I have re-posted A Different Kind of Sweet at last, and the goal is not really to get more reviews. The story is Rated M, after all, so it'd be hard to find when a reader browses in the DN fandom page by page unless he/she is looking for it particularly. I'm just happy that the revision was better than the original draft (I guess, you'd be the judge of that, find it HERE).

PROGRESS: I'm still revising Chapter 5 of Diff. I'm also revising A Little More would do, because I realized it was such a fun L/Matsuda story that I haven't gotten to finish. I also have tons of unfinished Death Note stories I never got the chance to get back on. Hopefully I could decrease the load along the way if I just endure and keep writing. There's also my POT fic that I'm neglecting. I'm almost finished with the following chapter, but I'll delay it for another week since I'm focusing more on the VK and LCDO chapter updates.

Also, I'm re-joining citrus_taste again, this time as harleycooper. Here is the Lime Table I'll be using in continuance to my LCDO story Sophomore.

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