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I woke up one day and realized I'm a whore for ZEKI

I haven't done anything useful these past few weeks. No fanfiction writing again because procrastination won over and I'm fine with it. I need a vacation from everything and refocus my goals. In real life, I need to work for my mom and get my transcripts so I can enroll to a new college next year. Going back to Special Education because teaching is a profitable profession. With regards to writing,. I can delay updates for now in Death Note Fandom since my interests are scattered. Thanks a lot, viola_canina . I'm reading volume six of Vampire Knight and I must say, I do get the chills when it comes to my het otp. Haven't felt this good since Yuu Watase and Tomoko Hayakawa brought me Fushigi Yuugi and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi henge. I'll find a way to watch VK anime. For now, I'm trying to read as fast as I can while comprehending and relinquishing fangirlsm at the same time. I'm so damn fascinated with Yuuki, Zero and Kaname's relationships with each other that finally, I realized that Meyer's Twilight fucking sucks ass. How can something so unrealistic and less entertaining material be published? Mediocre bullshit, that's what is.

Yuuki struck me as courageous and thoughful. She's quite likeable and endearing after the long run since her strengths are showing more. Kaname is...well, a better, more sophisticated version of Edward Cullen. And the best thing is he doesn't sparkle under the sun. And Zero, oh, Zero, Zero! Such tenderness for a surly dude. The romance between either Kaname/Yuuki and Zero/Yuki is tragic, complex and agreeable. I lean more on Zeki but I like Kaname and Yuuki together as well. The story plot is exciting and chilling, very insightful to the characters' past and not exaggerated and dragged to dirt like the Twilight version. Honestly, my eyes are opened. I beat myself with a shoe for recommending that goddamn book to friends.

In comparison to Twilight: There’s an unfathomable irregular beat on Bella and Edward’s ‘love’ that disturbs me. Edward is controlling, stalkerish, overbearing and incomprehensible (not in a good way.) Bella is whiny and seems to put people close to her in danger and is stubborn as hell. Their relationship, beyond the passionate declarations of eternity, brings a familiar scenario of abusive and obsessive temperament. Edward to Bella is actually summarized like this: doesn't let Bella have any friends, breaks into her house to watch her /sleep/ before they even have a single conversation (stalker, much?), can't let her out of his sight, blackmails her into marrying him, pushes her against her parents and humanity, takes her future and throws it down the drain, monitors her every movement, breaks down her car to continuously control her to the extent that she can't even see her best friend, never takes her opinion into consideration until he's forced into it by the people he considers his equals (other vampires), says that he can't live without her --this is NOT ROMANTIC at all. That is to say, I didn’t drool over whatever magnificence his beauty evokes no matter how many times Meyer would describe what he wears and how he looks while wearing such clothes. Really, I actually concluded that those passages are written to arouse not just the imagination of female teens but also get their loins quaking. Talk about orgasmic writing. Cleary Meyer accomplished that successfully.

 Thanks, Viola-chan! Real gratitude over here! Now I don't have to settle for less when it comes to a vampire romance story!

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