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DN Meme 2

I saw this from [info]soul_of_raziel and it's kindda an old meme but I feel like trying it with Death Note since it seems integral for me to reveal all my feelings about the characters. So I'm giving this a shot: 

The first character I fell in love with

Definitely Light Yagami. He is an impressionable character. I know there's his good looks that scored big points firsthand but more importantly, there's something oddly endearing about his goals which I thought were selfless at first until he was corrupted by his own greed. But still, Yagami-kun earns my respect at least. And after the long run, I become more receptive towards everything about him. There's a buried sadness in his actions since he tries to perceive himself as 'higher power' although I know most of the time his 'human' self is bleeding to be looked at once more. I wish to see his tenderness masked by his ambitions and his death in the anime version portrayed that very well.

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now

Near! I thought that he's an L poser at first but I gradually developed an attachment to him because as I mentioned before, he reminded me of my autistic brother. I write about him in "Her God if my Enemy" in the most poignant way as I could. And he's very puzzling and detached and it makes one wonder how such a young child bear his age as if it's four times that it's supposed to be.

The character everyone else loves that I don’t

I don't think there is anybody I dislike that everyone loves. I find every important character agreeable.

The character I love that everyone else hates

Misa Amane, I guess, since I do know a lot of anti-Misa bitches and that's what inpsired me to dedicate an LJ community about her. What can I say? She's smart but not highly-intelligent. She's cheerful but not happy. She's amoral but very expressive about her love for others. She's the package of paradox and I like that about her.

The character I would sleep with anytime

Definitely my Lawliet. I have fun fantasizing orgasmic encounters with him because he's such a cutie and he's never been intimate with anyone and that poses a delectable challenge as far as I'm concerned. And he's so intelligent that I could drown in his scientific jargon anytime and love it! I've always had a thing for nerds/geniuses.

The character I’d want to be like

I guess no one. There's enough tragedy about my life that's less consuming than the others in Death Note. I can watch their lives as an observant but I don't want to live them. They're all damaged goods in a variety of ways.

The character I’d slap

Light. I guess because he made feel so strongly against him and yet I feel bad for him at the same time.

Favourite character 

My Lawliet, no matter how I adore and shift interest to other characters lately. It's always interesting to hear opinions from L rpers and I keep track of them all the time because I like reading them interpret and act out L. I'm just insane about this unique creature. And everything about him is never certain; it's like an enigma that will be left a secret for generations and maybe his death had immortalized this.

 Five favourite characters 

L/Light Yagami
Naomi Misora

Five least favourite characters

The small ones are significant too...I don't have a rank for this.

Character I am most like

Ryuk. I excel at not giving a shit.


A pairing (or more!) I love Near/Misa and Light/Misa and L/Misa...lately they're overlapping and competing with each other. It depends on how I soak my moods these days. I love my het but I love my yaoi as well: Mello/Matt is win as well as Light/Teru.

A pairing (or more!) I despise L/Light. I don't appreciate a romantic/sexual side to their relationship unless the author is convincing on how s/he portrays it. I've encountered "Mind Games" by wild-filly and I loved it! And any yaoi L/Light of Nilahxphiel does the trick. It's not that I abhor the pairing so much...it's just that I appreciate the canon version of L and Light's relationship more than the fandom.

Five favourite things about the fandom
It's satirical, provocative, candid, explorative and well-crafted

Five least favourite things about the fandom

Just one: there are some holes and ambivalence left for the fans to solve and make-up speculations to fit the instances. SPECIFICS: L's childhood, Teru's sex life, Light and Misa's sex life, pretty much everyone's sex life is my concern because I'm a perv. But I guess that's what makes DN very compelling.

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