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Just one of those days

Ah my god! Since the internet connection in my home is abundant, I've been browing videos in youtube. I found several good Death Note tributes and some hot Zeki ones but this DN vid is just pure splendid! If my cheeks are not tinged with red due to a large amount of POT yaoi video viewing, I'm trying to collect as much great videos on my favorite anime/TV shows out there because it's one those fucking lethargic days when everything moves slowly and your ass is a couch potato. Which feels like heaven, by the way!

Updates on my writing duties: Pure nada. FFNet doesn't own me this year. Perhaps in 2009, I might stop fucking around and do something worthy of literary praise. I'm such an asshole. And I shit you not, I feel like I'm making a difference in my life this time. Please keep away the whiskey. I'm on a non-alcoholic diet which would disappoint Uncle Poe.

ZEKI thrives on blood and sexual tension. For proof, watch this. And this.

I got these icons from anti-Twilighters intwilight_sucks

Tags: death note fandom, pairings, personal notes, vampire knight fandom, wtf in smeyer ass
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