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Kaname x Zero

Slash time, baby! This is dedicated to Erivall-chan [info]e_eleniel

I would also like to thank Viola-chan [info]viola_canina  for hooking me up to VK. It's tasty and worth the deed. I've always wanted to write smut-yaoi for very personal reasons but I can't quite find an appropriate fandom for it. And then I thought to myself: "What could be hotter than two handsome vamps going at it?" And the answer just hit me across the face! It's Kaname Kuran and Zero Kiriyuu engaging on such feat, of course!

Title: There isn't a moment when... 

Vampire Knight

Characters: Kaname Kuran // Zero Kiriyuu 


Warning: Graphic sex, blood-sucking foreplay, frottage.  This is set somewhere after Zero bites Kaname. But I pretty much fucked up the time table of the events just to adjust it to this fic's setting. I still hope I got this one right, especially the characters of the two vamps. I mean, this is my first time writing a VK fic so please be gentle with the comments and crit! Onegai shimasu. 

Summary: Kaname's fancy has been misdirected all this time...




Kicking madly while he was sprawled uncomfortably on the bed, moist and heat began to sizzle through his dry flesh at last. Every torturous shift compressed his veins. Chain-bound, his body writhed and convulsed as he grunted and sobbed. He whimpered like a wounded animal, face contorted in anguish. He turned wildly from left to right, clenching his jaw, fully prepared to bite on anything in sight. His insides, the dull hunger, screamed for flesh and blood but his self-restraint held him back, thank fuck…agh! His body felt like it was being electrified and he coiled into a fetus position, gasping for air as he could feel the sweat on his forehead dripping to his eyelashes. At first he thought he was alone but he could feel eyes watching; could pick up that scent that trickled his nostrils, inducing nausea and stroking his loins. The chains were tight around his wrists, itching and aching. Zero groaned aloud and started kicking again.


“A futile, feeble, attempt, Kiriyuu.”


Zero snapped his head to the direction of the voice. He gritted his teeth, fangs protruding with his eyes blazing crimson.


“You bastard!” he hissed. Out from the corner of his eye he could see the sinister shadow forming closer, steadily reaching out a hand to clutch his jaw. There was only little light in the bedroom, light that seeps from the maroon curtains, and all that Zero could envision around him are deformed silhouettes. He felt the strong grasp on his jaw and he recognized the full effect of the same shade of crimson eyes staring at him from the dark. Zero winced, trying anything to assault the enemy, to get those bony fingers away from his skin.


“Get the fuck off me, Kuran! You goddamn creature—” Zero tried to stop himself from sobbing but it was too late. Tears splashed down his cheeks as he feverously shook his head to get the hand away. But Kaname didn’t let go.


“Futile, I say.” Kaname leaned down and with a tranquil pace, he begins to trail his tongue against Zero’s tattoo on the neck and the younger boy trembled violently, pulling the chains so hard that he could almost rip them from the bedposts.


“You’re a malevolent man, Kiriyuu.” Kaname muttered against Zero’s neck; the vibration of his lips prickled the pores and Zero twisted angrily once more. His defiance was determined and he tried to control that part of him that wants to suck the older vampire’s blood. Kaname’s other hand found its way to Zero’s chest, fingers feathery-light and immobile. Still, the very contact made Zero’s spine bend upwards, heaving below Kaname’s body in agony. This made Kaname chuckle.


“You’re a very sensitive boy.” Kaname pulled away slightly, both his hands resting on the bed. He stared into the conflicted eyes of the younger vampire and he grinned, showing his fangs. Zero didn’t turn away. He tried kicking Kaname with his knee but the other man was faster than him and grips Zero by the hips and turns him around so he could lie flat on his stomach. He pressed on him, chuckling on his earlobe and this sent another ripple of devastation through Zero’s mental state, draining him insanely. He screeched and started choking on his own saliva and blood as Kaname pushed his agape mouth to the pillow. Zero bit on the soft chunks and let out another howl. Kaname’s elbow pushed his head down while his arm gripped his waist tightly, fingernails digging into the silk white cloth of his shirt. Zero sobbed into the pillow, whimpering, and his body sulked in Kaname’s clutches. When the older vampire felt this weakness, his own touches ceased and he pulled away completely from Zero. The younger boy removed his mouth from the pillow and tried to breathe in and out, his eyes closed.


“Must you always oppose me, Kiriyuu?” Kaname licked his wrist, his eyes boring holes into Zero’s battered body.


“Why are you doing this?”


“I can’t think of a good reason why I shouldn’t.” Kaname started caressing Zero’s stomach gently but the delicate weight of his strokes still aggravated Zero and he flinched once more. Kaname was getting tired of this. He spent two hours in this room, watching Zero fight the chains as he listened to the sound of his protests and curses. It’s not like it wasn’t enjoyable for Kaname; it’s just that he has other things in mind to make Zero scream and squirm the way he is wasting his time at now. In a sudden flash, Kaname punched Zero’s face and the impact landed perfectly. Zero stopped bawling. It’s as if he stopped breathing altogether.


“Now be a dear and desist.” Kaname slowly but firmly grabbed both Zero’s chained arms and pulled him up. The younger boy collapsed into his arms instantly, his breathing hollow. Kaname sighed and he placed butterfly kisses on Zero’s neck, paying attention to the portion of his neck where the tattoo is specifically. Zero simply murmured “shit” and didn’t move. Kaname inhaled every scent imbued in the essence of Zero’s body; the heavy odor of his sweat, the soap washed into his hair...and then he could feel Zero’s heartbeat close to his chest and Kaname knew he could allow the boy some mild treatment if only he maintains this submissive behavior while in his presence. It would grant Kaname utmost pleasure.


“Kiriyuu, do you wish me to feed you?”


“Fuck off, Kuran.”


“Am I not as delicious as Yuuki?”




“Now, now.” Kaname examined his face. Zero’s eyes were closed and his mouth was slightly exposed, fangs sharp. He chuckled and traced a finger on Zero’s swollen lips. The younger boy’s arms clutched Kaname’s shirt from behind. His eyes opened, crimson and dark with desire. Kaname carefully unbuttoned his collar and before he could even finish with the second button, Zero despondently yet robustly devoured his neck, his fangs piercing, buried deep on the veins to quench the urgency of his thirst. He was gulping the blood savagely and he held onto Kaname, pulling him to his body. Kaname looked at the ceiling, his head pounding with demands and lust. His hand found Zero’s crotch and he begins to rub his palm on his jeans. The younger vampire was too busy with his needs that he ignored it. Kaname roughly stroked more until he could feel Zero bulging in his clasp. The vampire in question pulled out his fangs and stared at Kaname, his eyes disbelieving and hard.


“What do you think you’re doing to me, Kuran?” His hand grabbed Kaname’s and he pryed it off. Kaname responded by slapping the younger boy’s face. This made Zero more divergent and he leaped on Kaname, trying to subdue him. Kaname didn’t like his authority being questioned especially by a weak, troubled youth. He bit Zero on the shoulder. A resonating wail engulfed the whole room. Zero was paralyzed by the bite and his eyes watered, pain written clear on his features.


Kaname loosened the bite as he tried to taste a little. And then he withdrew. He observed Zero, amused. He wiped his mouth, licking his fingers as Zero glared at him, tears stained on his cheeks and chin, mingling on the blood.


“You’re a very fascinating boy, Kiriyuu.” Kaname chuckled. “I’m aghast that I didn’t discover this earlier. All those years I see you around Yuuki, you failed to capture my fancy. Until now. I realize my penchant is misdirected...”


He reached out a hand to touch Zero again. The boy squirmed away to the bed post, shaking in fear. He was breathing wildly, coughing and spitting blood. Kaname wanted to touch his sallow cheeks so he could wipe the tears. Zero kept still when he did but his eyes showed volumes of revulsion.


“Would you ever see me as an ally?” Kaname asked softly, frowning.


“What do you want from me?”


Kaname answered by pressing his mouth dangerously close to Zero as Kaname tasted the warm breath being pushed through the fangs. Zero blinked, his face confused and appalled by the idea. He can understand what the vampire wanted; this sick, sadistic fiend wanted Zero to surrender to him...in blind, animal lust.


“Do not think it foolish, Kiriyuu, that I ask this of you.” Kaname edged closer, his upper lip slightly brushing Zero’s lower lip. Their crimson eyes held each other.


Instead of abhorrence, Zero felt yearning and it pissed him off to no end. His loins are quaking and Kaname’s fingers continued fumbling through the zipper of his jeans. Zero’s sight hazed and he found his mouth welcoming the seize of Kaname’s tongue licking the corners of his lips until it sprang forth inside Zero’s mouth. Their fangs bumped into each other ungracefully until Kaname tilted his head and explored his warm insides, wet and heavy with longing. Zero felt Kaname’s hand on his manhood, gripping it gently, squeezing and pulling it up. Involuntarily, Zero sought Kaname’s crotch but he was afraid to go on. His fingers gripped the waistband of his pants instead as Kaname deepened the kiss, crushing their mouths. Zero groaned and gain assertion as his hand slipped inside Kaname’s pants and he felt his length with blood pulsing madly on the shaft. Zero was eager that he started stroking it, following the idle pace Kaname was doing to his own manhood as they grinded their pelvises together.


Their mouths remained clamped together as Kaname pulled Zero close to him so he could ardently rub their bodies and crotches together, hands still inside. Both vampires were wanton with need as they increased the pace of their frottage. Just as Zero was about to regain logic and put a stop to this act, just as Zero was starting to come to his senses and remember that he hates this asshole’s guts, he was surprised to realize that Kaname was already pushing him back to the bed and Zero was lying on his stomach with Kaname’s fingers gripping his hips. The position was uncomfortable and it was only too clear to Zero that the older vampire wanted to take him right now, in this time of the night, without shame, without question. The fact is, as much as Zero’s body responded to every coax and tender caress, his mind isn’t convinced. He hated Kaname Kuran at first sight and always had since then. And this is killing him; this very arrangement. He doesn’t want this. He couldn’t possibly want this. Why should he? All his thoughts and feelings belonged to one girl and that girl was devoted to this monster asshole Kuran. And now...


There isn’t a moment when Zero didn’t feel like dying. Death seems like the only resort. He wasn’t offered many options. He cried nights of despair and poured more salt in his open wounds as he did so. And yet he didn’t have enough strength, enough dignity left, to pull the goddamn trigger.


There isn’t a moment when he is caving inside, going berserk and uncontrollable. Zero could only dull the thirst, the hunger, the destitute pain by her welcoming gaze, her kind disposition, the warm brush of her smiles...Yuuki. He closed his eyes.


“Kiriyuu?” He heard Kaname speak.


“Please. Just—just do it and leave me.”




“I know you need to do it at some point. To destroy me. To reduce me into something degenerate. And I don’t care, Kuran. Just get it over with.”




“DON’T YOU CALL ME THAT, SHITHEAD, JUST DO IT!” Zero turned his head to glare at Kaname from behind who towered above him as he lay there.


Kaname might have frowned, he couldn’t tell. He heard him sigh. And then he chuckled. “Something tells me you’re enjoying this too much.”


“How did it feel, Zero?”


“I said don’t call—”


“My mouth. My breath. My taste. How is it?”


Zero closed his eyes, moaning. “Stop torturing me like this. Stop asking your dumb questions.”


Kaname patted Zero’s head almost affectionately and this made Zero gather himself up to face him. Kaname allowed him to move and as soon as Zero is lying comfortably in his back, the two vampires stared into each other for a long time without saying a word.


It was Zero who spoke first. “This is a way to humiliate me, isn’t it?”


“Not only that, Zero.” Kaname answered gently. “Do you not entertain the notion that perhaps I take a liking on you?”


“I’m not screwed enough to accept a delusion like that.”


“And whyever not?”


“Because you’re not who Yuuki thinks you are.” Zero glared and gripped Kaname’s collar. “You’re a hypocrite.”


“Oh?” Kaname smiled, crimson eyes pleased.


Zero ignored him as he concentrated from restraining himself. He was glancing at Kaname’s neck again, his loins begging his mind to go blank.


“You shouldn’t make this any more difficult than it already is. Let me put you out of your misery.” Kaname took Zero’s cheeks with both hands and started licking the dried blood on his shoulder. “You’re not well. I apologize for causing your injuries. You better get some rest.”


“I’m not buying into your bullshit.” Zero gritted his teeth.


“True enough.” Kaname looked down at Zero’s crotch. “My, are you still willful?”


Zero flushed and tried zipping his jeans but Kaname’s strong hands forced him to lie on his stomach again.


“HEY, WHAT THE FUCK!” Zero struggled. “I thought you said—”


“Let me make myself clear,” Kaname announced. “I’m not leaving without getting what I wish to attain.”


He pulled the jeans from Zero’s hips and slipped it slowly from his legs until it reached his calves and then his ankles. Zero bit his lip and tried to put on another fight but Kaname bit his shoulder; on the wound he left from before, but only lightly, to remind Zero that this could cause him grave injury if he resists again. Frustrated, Zero felt his eyes closing because of fatigue. Kaname got his underpants in the way and he could feel the older vampire pressing his crotch on his buttocks. Zero whimpered and his hands gripped the sheets, trying to give himself some oxygen before Kaname fully smothers him with his indecent intent.


“Relax, Zero.” Kaname made it sound like a soothing comment and an order at the same time. He fondled Zero’s buttocks until it produced a low moan from Zero’s throat. He held onto the sheets tighter, embarrassed and horrified that this is happening.


“You’ll find this extremely painful at first, I believe.” Kaname licked his two fingers, dripping his digits wet with saliva. He inserted it on the resistant hole; invading that smoldering, compact tunnel slowly.


“You—have you done this before with—other vampires, you sick fuck!?” Zero exhaled as he felt the fingers moving towards inside him.


Kaname said nothing. He continued to probe.


“I am not going to have sex with you in this way, you jerk!”


“Zero Kiriyuu,” Kaname said dismissively. “It is not your choice to have sex with me but rather it is my very intention to fuck you.”


He chuckled and he kept thrusting his fingers inside until he felt the lump, that perfect spot, and Zero’s whole body shook in torment and pleasure.





Two hours ago


“Can’t this wait, Kuran-sempai?” Zero grudgingly followed the older boy as they walked to some old building he hasn’t seen before. And he never had, considering that he roams around the school property every night for safety measures. This struck him as odd but he decided that it wouldn’t be advisable to argue with Kaname. He was going to show him something, Zero assumed, because his manner suggested it. But what could it be? And, retracting to his earlier question, can’t it wait? Zero sighed heavily as he crossed his arms, still walking behind Kaname.




The upperclassman faced him at last. He wiped something on his collar and Zero’s eyes flickered at the gesture momentarily...until he realized he was completely staring at Kaname’s collar...his neck.


“Shit.” Zero looked down quickly and this aroused a chuckle from Kaname.


“How is your welfare, Kiriyuu-kun? I trust all has been better?”


What was that? Zero blinked and he can’t think of anything plausible to say so he kept his mouth shut.


“You should return the cordiality, Kiriyuu-kun.”


Kiriyuu-kun? Zero almost rubbed the bridge of his nose as he answered. “Yes, all is well. They have been better.”


“And your appetite for blood?”


Zero glared. “What is it that you want from me? I came here, didn’t I? I want to believe I’m not wasting my time. So just go ahead and tell me whatever it is.”


Kaname smiled. “Nothing in particular, really. I just want to see how you’re doing.”


“Are you kidding me?” Zero shook his head and looked up in the dark sky. “What is this place anyway?”


“Oh? You haven’t been here before?”


“Are you implying that I ought to have been?”


“Kiriyuu-kun, why are you so quick to presume that I have rotten motives underneath all my concern?” the older boy spoke as if he’s hurt.


“It’s because you’re giving me every reason to believe that!” Zero raised his voice and turned away. “Besides, since when have you expressed ‘concern’ for me?”


“I apologize. I should do that more often.”


“Do you honestly get off by mocking me, Kuran?” Zero turned to face him again, his face darkened by anger.


Kaname laughed. It was a throaty one and he seemed utterly entertained. “Kiriyuu, do you mind coming with me inside?”


“You mean inside this creepy building? Is there something even remotely important that we would be doing inside there, you know, besides making fun of me?”


“I do not exactly derive that kind of preposterous delight.” Kaname crossed his arms and eyed Kiriyuu evenly. “Please do not flatter yourself, Kiriyuu. You do not interest me personally. It in Yuuki’s behalf that I’m showing kindness towards you.”


Zero seriously wanted to kick his face. Seriously. “Fine. What are we going to do there, anyway?” and what does he mean in Yuuki’s behalf?


Kaname opened the door for Zero which wasn’t acceptable to the younger man but he scoffed and went in anyway. It was incredibly dark inside that Zero couldn’t believe he agreed to be alone with Kaname. It’s not like he is scared of the asshole...but he disturbed him to no end.


“This better be good, Kuran.”


“You’ll find out soon enough.”


And then Zero felt iron clasps on his wrists.






“Go...slower, dammit!” Zero clenched at the pillows and refrained from groaning too much. It’s a tedious task to accomplish since Kaname wasn’t going to spare him a little dignity as he went about his method. The room was humid and it’s starting to take a toll on both of them. Zero’s face was mashed into the sheets, hiding his shame perfectly but the noises he was involuntarily making are giving it away. On the other hand, Kaname was deliberate, his patience running thinly. His fingers were sealed inside Zero’s compact walls and he increased the speed, causing some kind of shock in Zero’s body. Both men grunted.


“Is this truly your first time on bottom, Zero?” Kaname murmured sweetly. “I couldn’t be sure, seeing how much you’re enjoying it.”


Zero wanted to lash back at that rude comment but Kaname didn’t give him the chance either. He probed on the spot roughly, pushing on it, almost with cruel intent and Zero screamed. His grip on the pillows tightened impossibly that the veins on his knuckles might pop. Kaname kept his digits securely positioned on the spot and then he finally took them out. The younger vampire groaned and tried to shift his position to attain some momentary comfort. Kaname allowed this at least.


The chains kept rattling as Zero tried to hold himself in a less hurtful stance, considering that he was stripped bottomless despite his fierce objections and that Kaname was purposely enjoying the situation more than he allowed himself to be. Both men were losing breath, their bodies intertwined and sore all over even though they have yet to begin the act. Zero’s sweat and blood dripped over the mattress and pillows and he was going to pass out soon. This could either be to his advantage or not. At some point maybe if he loses consciousness then Kaname would desist. On the other hand, perhaps the older vampire does not care much whether Zero is wide awake or not. That last speculation terrified Zero so he fought hard to keep his eyes open even as the room started to spin all around him and as drenched as he is, it also feels like he’s getting sick.


“Do you know why, Zero Kiriyuu?”


Zero snapped his head up because he heard Kaname speaking although not everything of whatever conversation they’re having is absorbed at this moment. He squirmed and everytime he did, it was as if the rotten chains kept tightening around his wrists. He was enveloped with a feeling of loss and it bothered him because all his years he dealt with loss but this time there seems to be something new to this emotion. And Kaname isn’t making it any easier. The older man was steady on top of him and he felt the tip of his manhood pressing against him.


“Do I know what?” Zero managed to spat out. His mouth was slightly foaming and his gums were bleeding because of that kiss from earlier, if you could call it that.


“Why the very thirst aches the way it does,” Kaname answered softly.


“So you’re going to enlighten me about the ordeal?” Zero spat out the blood and it landed stuck on the pillow. He closed his eyes and tried inhaling and exhaling steadily. Kaname kept his hands on Zero’s hips and said nothing.


Zero continued. “I’ve been living with this disease long enough not to care. I certainly do not appreciate you pointing out the obvious facts of my situation. You do not know what I feel. I never want you to so start assuming you can understand this. And I also do not appreciate, not the slightest bit, that you chained me and now you’re trying to defile me. Between you and me, Kuran, I think Yuuki is better off without the two of us.”


“What are you trying to tell me, Zero?”


“I will kill you and I will kill myself.”


Kaname sighed and gripped Zero’s hips firmly. He leaned closer to Zero and he rested his lips behind his ear. “Do you know why it aches the way it does?”


“Would it even make a difference?”


“The reason is not always that simple.” Kaname explained. “It probably should be, considering that the sort of complications that come from being turned into something you abhor most couldn’t get any worse. The truth is, Zero, the very fundamental fact that you thirst for blood is the least of your problems.”


Zero laughed. It was more like a solemn chuckle but he didn’t care anymore.


“You see, Zero, your constant longing to quench this volatile thirst is always your choice. However, you play with fire and it’s bound to burn you.” Kaname kissed his nape and traced his spine with his lips. Zero, to his surprise, no longer resisted. “In addition to that, the reason why it aches the way it does is because you still have a human part of you that allows you to be capable of hurt. It allows you to condemn this dark side inside you. Once that disappears, the pain will subside with it.”


“If you choose to believe this,” Kaname kept going. “Then it might make the arrangement a tad more bearable. I’m not saying it will grant peace of mind. No, my dear boy, far from it. And this is why you’re caving in to me. When I hold you like this, when I play with you between my fingers, you cave in, inch by inch. This is why your body reacts the way it does to my touches. That side of you that’s still human reaches out from solitary confinement through sexual gratification. The reason why it should be something sexual is because that ‘monster’ inside you yearns for the same thing. So you see, Zero, you’ll be mine no matter how you look at it.”


The younger vampire tried to look at Kaname by shifting his position to face him. It was no longer defiance that was etched in his features. Kaname almost muttered a ‘finally!” because it’s beginning to be apparent that Zero was starting to compromise. In response, Kaname took both his legs and hooked them on his elbows. Zero gulped as he was spread in front of the older man, fully exposed. Kaname gripped his neck by both hands as he sunk inside the tight muscle of ring beneath them. A second pass and no more before Zero started to writhe in Kaname’s clutches. He shut his eyes tightly and tried to give space to this fearless desire sweeping over him. He put both hands on Kaname’s shoulders as the older vampire was also starting to get lost in the moment; the fiery channel enclosing around him is too much. 

Kaname lifted Zero some more that his lower back left the bed and the older man kneeled in front of him and watched his length descend and ascend over and over again, disappearing repeatedly into that tight entrance to heaven that was the insides of this handsome young man. A sound rumbled at the back of Zero’s throat as the head of Kaname’s penis salvaged his prostate magnificently and repeatedly. Kaname could tell by the resounding tightness clenched firmly around his throbbing cock that the searing friction is beginning to spark flames all round his lower region with each agonizingly slow plunge. He increased the speed and Zero made abrupt, excited noises and his face flushed dark scarlet when he did.

“Ah! Nnng…ah! Ah!” Zero ignored how embarrassing and enraging this is. It doesn’t matter anymore. Sometimes there comes a time when you should just give in.

Kaname was forcing Zero’s thighs upwards and he drove himself into the boy even further. Zero gasped loudly and cried out against his will as Kaname bent him in half and then the older vampire pulled himself out again quickly and then with a stronger force, he drove back in, pounding and pumping himself into Zero in such velocity and speed that Zero was starting to feel his nerves melting and dissolving. He wasn’t supposed to be enjoying this but Kaname was doing something to him that he hasn’t felt in years. Not like he ever attempted sex with anybody but this was...this was beyond a sexual encounter; this felt like more. And he’s not talking about the sentimental kind of different...no, it wasn’t that. Something inside him seems to meet Kaname’s powerful thrusts, the domination of them; something buried inside him seems to respond to Kaname’s essence as if it was dancing to the beat of the older vampire’s blood and plunges. Zero wasn’t certain if this could kill him but it probably would since Kaname was still relentless that the bed underneath them would break in any minute now if he didn’t stop impaling the younger boy.

Both vampires could feel the pressure building inside them with every thrust. They leaned on each other’s foreheads and with lingering breaths combined, Kaname came explosively inside Zero and the younger vampire, with one agonizing, haste decision, raised himself up to bite Kaname on the neck, his fangs were buried deep into the veins, almost peeling skin. Kaname groaned and returned the pleasantry. He gnawed Zero’s shoulder wound enthusiastically and didn’t let go. Zero helped himself, sipping and slurping the blood flowing from the inviting neck. His hands found their way behind Kaname’s hair and he bent Kaname, his eyes fluttering open and he looked angry and satisfied at the same time. He pulled away afterwards and wiped his mouth, his chest heaving as each intense breath escaped and he could hardly swallow. Kaname was smiling at him, in that melancholic but suspicious way he can only do. Zero’s blood trailed on his chin and the younger vampire found it somehow endearing and that thought repulsed him. But he leaned forward and licked it anyway. It was weird tasting yourself but Zero realized there are more things he could worry about than this small tribulation


“I do not hope this will change things between us.” Kaname started to speak as soon as Zero finished licking his chin. He pulled away completely from the younger man and stood up with his back turned. From this angle, Zero could barely read his body language. The light from the window illuminated a portion of Kaname’s back and Zero stared at his nape, wondering why his thirst has returned just by the very sight. He leaped on Kaname but the older vampire seemed to have anticipated this and he turned swiftly around to punch Zero on his left cheek. The younger boy fell hard on the bed, chains rattling. 

“What was that for, Kaname?” Zero thundered and observed the vampire wearily, his cheek aching. He groaned and twisted on the sheets once more. He felt his loins were demanding something from him again and it wouldn’t let go of him. Kaname has seen this and he collected Zero’s form in his arms and embraced him. The unusual gesture not only sickened Zero but puzzled him. He was tempted to bite again but surprisingly, as soon as the embrace surrounded him, swallowing him up, Zero felt something nearing to disgrace and guilt. He closed his eyes and somehow he can hear a humming sound. He realized it was coming from Kaname but he was too tired to interrogate and oppose. So he simply closed his eyes and tears softly rained down his cheeks.

He never felt more alone. There isn’t a time when he didn’t. And yet...


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