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Another one of those meme things

Taken from diluted_thought. I found this extremely entertaining to do. I get to elaborate my answers and well, if you know me by now, you'll understand that I do like talking about myself lately because isn't that the purpose of having a blog? Exposing the public domain, if not the world at large, of your constant narcissism and tasteless jargon of nonsense?

10 Things You Wish You Could Say To Ten Different People Right Now

  • Please do not feed me those hotdogs with corn inside them. They’re disgusting. 
  • I’ve loved you so much that the ache hardly disappeared even when I settled being ‘just friends’ with you. You’re the one that got away. I know this seems like I put you on a pedestal but that’ exactly how it feels; even more now than before. And maybe part of the reason why I still love you this much is because I’ve never tried taking a risk. All this time I wonder if perhaps you have loved me too.
  • Thank you for the moral support and for giving me a backbone when it comes to honing my writing skills. We’re complete strangers who became fond of each other over our cyber connection and I will always cherish that. You wrote a story that touched me, replenishing my hunger and because of that, I feel very passionately about you as writer who sees a mentor in a crowned vision.
  • I feel almost feverish just being intimate with you over the web. Things didn’t work out but I never really expected it to go far. I wish you happiness with your career and life and I will never forget what we shared in brevity.
  • I like how you seem to understand the things I hardly do. You’re warm and generous and we shared many interests and preferences all throughout our interactions with our favorite fandoms. You recommended me the perfect cure for crippling bad literature. You enjoy what I write and you always make it a point to mention how wonderful I did with whatever crap I come up with. You appreciate me in the smallest ways and always return my correspondence with eagerness. Thank you.
  • I miss you so much. I actually treat you like family which could flatter you but to me, it feels very detrimental. We’re strangers and the only connection we formed is through the cyber realm. However, I’m convinced that in your own way, you did care about me and my angst. You wrote to me encouraging advices or skeptical sentiments over my random ramblings here in LJ. You seem so mysterious and yet so reassuring. Back in the days, whenever I have nowhere to run to here in real life, I take comfort that I can find you here if I just click and type. I miss what we have but I don’t hope that it will always stay the same. I’m still content that I somehow knew what you are as a person; you’re a real person of character and compassion.
  • I know you don’t approve of my writing style, specifically this fan fiction you accused as Sue-ish. And I respect your opinion back then as I still do now. In addition to that, I look forward to this fic of yours and I guess that’s my end of the acquaintance.
  • I’ve been flattered by many readers who admired me as a fan fiction writer. They were interested to get to know me as I am of them. Many have stayed in touch; many just disappeared which saddens me. And that is why when we instantly clicked while you and I just started chatting, I know I can’t let someone like you go. So yes, my beloved, I decided to expand the next level to our relationship and I hope that through that sacred union, we could have more chances to talk here in LJ. I’m very, very grateful to have you.
  • I don’t hate you. You’re too adorable for that. Upon complimenting you with that statement, please excuse me because I need to throw up a little XD. Come back and serve thy master, little one...or else.
  • You’re wrong. The doughnuts were staring at me last week. I don’t believe you even if you tell me over and over again that they’re not because I know what I saw. Stop trying to mess with me. I. Know. What. I. Saw.

09 Things About Yourself

  • I somehow formed an extreme, obsessive habit of being different since I started to believe that my identity relies solely on the truth or pretense that I’m different. I know I’m special but sometimes I push through that barrier just so I could feel more special than I already am.
  • However, when I do find people who share common interests with me and I felt like there is an undeniable connection, I simply grab the opportunity and hold onto it because I don’t know if I’ll be able to find something real again.
  • I’m quite arrogant when it comes to my talents; most especially my intelligence. I never tried to define myself through academics but more through my artistic whims and peculiarities.
  • I imagine how I’m going to die every week. I picture getting raped, getting shot, getting stabbed, getting hit by a big truck, falling down the stairs and breaking my neck, getting buried alive and this thought process isn’t always productive but it gives me a quiet time to think about how everything else is fleeting.
  • I could play a song forty-five times a day in a week if I love it so much.
  • I touch objects and hold onto them for long periods of time for no apparent reason at all. Be it a book, a magazine, a CD, a pocket watch; once the surface or shape of said object feels right in my fingers, I could spend hours just fondling, looking and grasping on it (even holding onto it while I sleep).
  • I’m only particularly germaphobe-neurotic when it comes to cleaning bathrooms.
  • I’m bisexual...but my orientation is pretty much bullshit because I just go with whoever catches my fancy, regardless of the gender or orientation.
  • I used to enjoy performing in front of people (singing, stage acting) but now I find the sudden need for a reclusive craft (like writing) because I’d like to share myself while hiding in the shadows, behind a mask.

08 Ways To Win Your Heart

  • You can disagree with me because friendly debates are stimulating for the mind. I appreciate a new perspective as well. But I draw the line when I’m being told I’m wrong very rudely and openly with the sole intent of disparaging me.
  • I like cats and I like talking about having a pet in the future and if you talk to me about cats or other cute animals, I’d be tremendously filled with girlish glee.
  • I like having someone to slow dance with but this could only be done if we’re absolutely intimate as friends.
  • If you talk to me about food and how awesome it would be to travel around the world just to sample every finest restaurant then I’ll find that heartwarming.
  • I like people with opinions for themselves and I for one could detect when someone is just going with the crowd or completely apathetic about something important to me. I like people who also defend their views maturely.
  • If you could spend a day with me, watching shows that I select while you provide me good company and thrilling conversations without either of us going to sleep for three days, then you’re my good, good friend!
  • I like sarcasm and will laugh with you if you can work that brand of humor often in the conversation; some sprinkles here and there but nothing too big.
  • Don’t. Ever. Ask. Me. To. Go. Shopping. With. You. I hate walking around big places, watching you as you try on clothes and shoes that you’re not buying in the end. Honestly, I have a vein on my neck that will just pop because I don’t have patience for this sort of thing. I don’t do ‘girlfiriends’ shopping sprees’

07 Things That Cross Your Mind A Lot

  • Can I eat all kinds of food in the world before I die?
  • Why do I seem give to myself to some people who only ripped my heart apart?
  • I can’t wait to die!
  • I can’t wait to get published and be famous in the literary world!
  • Why is my menstrual cycle fucked up these past few months?
  • I’m so damn bored I’m going blind and I smell like shit!” is the song lyric that automatically plays in my head whenever I spend lazy afternoons, just watching DVDs and web surfing.
  • I know I just ate two hours ago...but I want a fucking meal right now.

06 Things You Do Before You Fall Asleep

  • Wash my face then brush my teeth.
  • Comb my hair then clean my ears.
  • Watch just two episodes of whatever DVD is inside the player before finally sleeping for real.
  • And then somehow, it’s already three in the morning and I still can’t doze off.
  • So I listen to music.
  • Then I make out with my pillow, imagining it as any of my current favorite anime characters (complete with a plot, setting, theme of the fantasy).

05 People Who Mean A Lot

  • My brother Francis
  • My parents
  • My best friend Rhodora
  • My boyfriend
  • F-List and my LJ wife, Quinzel

04 Things You're Wearing Right Now

  • My father’s old company sweater
  • My friendship bracelet that I haven’t taken off for two years now
  • Panties
  • Eyeglasses

03 Songs That You Listen To Often

  • This 12-track fanmix I compiled from various YouTube fan-made videos of Vampire Knight and Black Butler
  • Selected anime songs
  • Longview” by Green Day; the one with the ‘I’m so damn bored I’m going blind” sentiment because apparently these days, it’s my theme song.

02 Things You Want To Do Before You Die

  • Get published and be recognized for it
  • I actually prefer dying in my sleep (and to think I spend all the trouble scaring myself shitless when I imagine worst-case scenarios of dying).

01 Confession

  • I don’t want to write fan fiction religiously anymore. I’ll probably never update fics that don’t feel right to me anymore but will probably write new ones and then not finish those. So to be safe, I go for one-shots. Or, once I do like to story and want to stick to that, I’ll try not to force myself to come up with something awesome because I’m too lazy to do that and I hate myself for being such a procrastinating mess!

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