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And even though I hate kids, I still want to name one

I came up with names for my children because I do that with my stuffed toys. The difference is I can buy stuffed toys. I would have bought babies but there's not much money in my saving account (not to mention I would totally be an irresponsible parent). I want to have children so I could name them (one shallow reason that's also amoral)...that is, if I decided one day that matrimony isn't such a fuckery and I would still be together in the future with my boyfriend or we haven't killed each other yet. This is actually entertaining, like a creative, mental execise.

Sebastian Kirshner
Sakura Keresna

It's pretty self-explanatory but I find it necessary to explain the fact that Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji makes me lose the fine grip on my senses. As for the second name, it's from this actress Mia Kirshner from The L Word who plays an egocentic, 'tortured' lesbian-writer Jenny Schecter. Mia's a very hawt chick with the most perfect shade of raven black hair and the bluest eyes. And she fucks really good in her rated movies even though she's far from whorish in real-life (she's quite timid and reclusive as a person, as far as I can judge from her video interviews. She's uncomfortable talking about her views on sex but she has no problem fornicating on screen as long as her character fascinates her.)  My boyfriend is an otaku for Sakura the cardcaptor. And Keresna means "love and glory." I forgot in which language. I have a penchant for this name since I was nine.

Sherlock Azriel
Nisa Celeste

Again, self-explanatory with the Sherlock. He's my most beloved fictional character. As for Azriel, it was my guy best friend's name. Nisa is one of my boyfriend's created female personas when he's online. Celeste is like celestine which means 'heavenly' and I've always fancied it to be my real name as God's daughterI'm a fucking Catholic freak.

Oscar Alexandre
Viola Nicoline

Oscar Wilde. Alexandre Dumas. Big fan of both. Viola because of [info]viola_canina whom I find so endearing. And Nicoline because of my grasshopper apprentice[info]3pleconfusion (she loves that name).

Windsor Isaac
Nana Irene

Harlan Coben, one of my favorite mystery-thriller writers, has this book series about this sports agent Myron Bolitar who has a WASPy, pretty boy philander of a best friend named Windsor Horne Lockwood III. It's a kind of name that says "flaming asshole." And Isaac is a biblical name, Abraham's son who was offered to God in the altar of sacrifice, you know the storyGod was just fucking around with old Bram, of course, tricky ominiscient bastard! <3 And then we have Nana because of speaky_bean whom I respect greatly for her writing talents. And Irene is from the Sherlock Holmes story A Scandal in Bohemia. She was the first woman to dupe Holmes (and rumored love interest of said sleuth around fanfiction circles).
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