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Dammit, I hate Hetalia!

...because it's just too fucking edible not to digest! It's weird, actually; I have no idea how to feel about the characters just yet and I'll probably won't figure it out soon. My ability to worship another fandom is barren as for the moment and I can't believe this day of reckoning will come. But anway, the anime is hatefully marvelous. I just want to stab myself whenever I hear that goddamn ending song because I can't stop marching to it. I shouldn't even be writing about it now; it's too painful for me. I wanted so much to get addicted to this but...I feel prudish lately when it comes to answering to my fangirl desires and that's a stupid tragedy, I guess. In the meantime I'll keep watching the episodes and even though the anime pretty much skews my view on world history, it's not necessarily a bad thing. It's hatefully entertaining I tried to hang myself crazy when I encountered the dick joke on Japan. And Germany and Italy together--gods, I don't want to say it. But I should. Yet I fail. I'm sorry, I'm sorry sapphire_pyro and fishlegs !!

Someone please push the button that says "Fangirl Rebirth! Stop slacking the fuck off!" Thanks.

To those who might misunderstand this entry because of my fucking title (I have myself to blame), make no mistake. I'm falling in love with Hetalia for real but I have fangirl 'sterility' issues I'm dealing with right now. I'll accept any redemption offered or else I'll die of incapacitation to whore this fandom. A cruel result of being an irresponsible, shitty asshole as I'm slowly becomming.
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